Spectacular Students: Rebecca High


B. High

Running up to stop the offender, Rebecca High attempts to block the ball as goalie. Rebecca plays soccer outside of school and will be a part of the Junior Varsity team this upcoming season.

Grayson McClendon, Sports Editor

Millbrook High School Math teacher, Mr. Roberts, would describe freshman Rebecca High as “a very talented intelligent young woman. As a freshman in Honors Math 3, she clearly is dedicated to her academic success. Even when Rebecca faces challenges in the classroom, she is a tireless worker, pushing herself to achieve more. Beyond academics, Rebecca is liked by all her classmates. I have never heard her speak an ill word of anyone and always has a smile on her face.” Rebecca has began her freshman year by taking fun classes, getting involved in many clubs, sports, and meeting many new people. She is accomplishing these things in hopes of attending UNC as an undergrad, before attending graduate school at NCSU. With becoming a vet in mind, Rebecca does everything she can in school to stand out.

 Rebecca is a very hardworking, encouraging, and optimistic student. Coming from West Millbrook Middle School, Rebecca was awarded Athlete of the Year, was president of Student Council, and finished her three years with straight A’s. So far, she has managed to do the same during high school and plans to keep it that way. Now Rebecca finds herself in clubs all around school including Key Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Student Government, and Best Buddies.

 Best Buddies has made a very big impact on Rebecca this year. In the club, she attends meetings where, as a group, they make crafts, play games, or simply hangout. Rebecca added that Best Buddies was her favorite aspect of Millbrook: “I absolutely love hanging out with all of them, they are amazing people and friends!” Outside of school, Rebecca participates in many sports and activities. Every Wednesday night she attends a local Bible Study, as well as weekend occasions. She also plays club soccer and was voted Most Respectful on her team. Freshman Laney Snead described Rebecca as “very athletic and is always very inspirational. She always has a smile on her face and brightens everyone’s day.” Rebecca as well spends her summers volunteering as a swim coach!

 While Rebecca has a very outgoing and goofy personality, she takes her studies very seriously. While staying organized, Rebecca plans to keep getting more involved in school as time progresses to keep earning straight A’s. Rebecca just made the Women’s Soccer team and will play this spring, and all of these reasons and more show that Rebecca High truly is a spectacular student!