WCPSS announces school will continue through summer



Showcasing the added days to all Wake County public schools, this picture represents the sadness that high-schoolers are currently feeling. WCPSS has made the decision to continue school through the summer, and Millbrook students are heartbroken.

Janie Inscore, Sports Editor

  In a shocking turn of events following the worsening of the Coronavirus pandemic, Wake County has announced that all high schools within the district will continue in-person instruction through original summer break days. Although the time which high-schoolers will remain in school is undisclosed, sources close to school board members say that it could be “anywhere between three to eight weeks” back in school during days which originally were a part of summer break. This means that the two plus months of seasonal vacation, which is usually the time that students look forward to the most, will be shortened. 

  Staff, students, and parents alike have expressed a range of emotions on this announcement. The most prominent opinion amongst all groups affected is one of disapproval and concern. Although students throughout the county have voiced their desire to be back in school and to have their sports seasons back, this is not what they had in mind. Freshman John Smith is feeling confused amidst all of the changes, as he stated, “This is not what I imagined my first year of high school to be like. Is this how it always goes?” Seniors, on the other hand, are mourning the loss of the many senior activities they were looking forward to, as these memories will simply not be the same when they are made during the summer. Senior Class Council member Shania Johnson expressed her concern by saying, “Summer is meant for long nights with friends, parties, and road trips. I cannot believe that all of this is going to be taken away on mine and many other seniors’ last summer before going off to college.” 

  Overall, no one is excited by the way that this pandemic has affected school days. In fact, teachers were shocked upon hearing the news. A Millbrook teacher, who asked not to be named, explained, “My understanding was that Wake County public schools would continue online learning for as long as necessary, not that we would cut into summer.” This time is the only lengthy break given to students and teachers, so it is understandable why the announcement has resulted in school and county wide disapproval. To make matters worse, WCPSS is one of the few counties within North Carolina to make this decision. The rest remain either in remote learning or are still undecided. Students, teachers, staff, and parents, hang in there, and thanks for reading until the end of this article. April Fools!