Spectacular Students: Madison Solomon


Moon & Skye Photography

Cheering on the Wildcats, Madison Solomon (front middle) cheers on the team with the other JV cheerleaders. This is just one of the ways Madison shows her school spirit at Millbrook.

Gabrielle Phillips, News/Editorials Editor

According to Madison Solomon, “Millbrook is a very large school, but the people here have the ability to make the school seem ten times closer. The student body does a great job at welcoming everyone into the Wildcat family; from the student section at games to spirit weeks and study groups, there is always someone there to invite you in!” Madison has taken on many opportunities which celebrate all types of people. Although she is only a sophomore this year, she participates in Junior Varsity Cheerleading, National Achievers Society, African Students Association, FCCLA, Millbrook Ambassadors, stunt, and is a part of the Yearbook staff! Madison spends a lot of time at Millbrook and is already making an impact on the Wildcat community.

Madison has been cheering at Millbrook since her freshman year and is a co-captain of the JV team this year. She also cheers outside of school and has done so for seven years. Madison said, “I love being able to compete and have an environment where I am able to be myself.” She enjoys how close she and the girls on the Millbrook team have gotten and will continue to be. Sophomore Ellie Wise said, “She’s a friend to everybody; she will never say a bad word about you, and she works hard to make everyone she knows feel loved.”

Outside of school, Madison is on the Young Advocates Institute’s Advisory Board, a group of young men and women who help to plan events for the Young Advocates Institute (YAI). This is a social justice camp that strives to empower, uplift, and train young adults.  Madison has been a part of this board for one year and has been in attendance at the meetings for two years. They come together on the second Saturday of each month to plan a different aspect of the events that are held by YAI: planning workshops, budgets, and purpose. COVID-19 has changed some of their plans, and now they focus on helping the community, promoting businesses, and fundraising. Madison said, “It has helped me to learn how and when to use my voice to initiate the changes I want to see in my community and help me take charge and be a problem solver.”

After high school Madison wants to attend a four-year university and study broadcast journalism in efforts to pursue a career in being a news anchor, and possibly run for a seat in congress! Madison works tirelessly to make a difference in the community and is actively involved in many projects that impact others. She truly is a great example of a Spectacular Student, both in and outside of Millbrook walls!