Spectacular Students: Henry Eastin



Henry sits posed for the camera in his character of Dan at the conclusion of the play. Night Must Fall is the first performance by Henry at Millbrook.

Sydney Phillips, Staff Reporter

 Millbrook’s Theatre Department ended their production of Night Must Fall this past Saturday, Millbrook’s first in-person performance since the beginning of the pandemic. Starring in the role of Dan was Henry Eastin, Millbrook’s up and coming theater star.  His character of Dan is a charming, albeit a little off-putting, young man, who works his way into the Bramsom family, throwing off their suspicions of him being a murderer.

  Henry is an incredible actor who stole the show with his performance. When describing the most important part of theater, he says, “Kids get to act. Kids get to do things they don’t necessarily do. They get to expand upon themselves, and they get to portray characters.” Striking words as several describe his performance as being so real it was near terrifying.

  “I’ve always been interested in over exaggerating my actions and my words and just playing characters that you don’t necessarily see in the real world,” he says, describing what first got him interested in theater. Henry has been performing for just over nine years now. He laughs, while describing his past performances and how he has grown since then.

  While Henry dedicates a lot of time and effort to theater, he is still well-known around the school for his talent and charisma. He says, “I don’t think I add anything too special [to Millbrook], but I just always try to make people smile.” In class, his peers and teachers alike look up to him as being both a good student and a good friend who always walks into class in the morning with a good attitude and a bright personality.

  For anyone thinking of joining theater, he said “You should do it, it’s a lot of fun and I think that you’ll end up making a lot of new friends and making a lot of memories that you can think back on when you’re older. I don’t think there’s any part of you that will regret joining.” Millbrook’s theater program, led by Mr. Kotzian, has been putting on exemplary performances for just short of two decades; this year marks their seventeen-year anniversary.

  Henry said this about why he was spectacular: “I try to make other people laugh. I think that I get along with a lot of people. I think that I’m a good actor, and I think that a lot of people like me.” He admitted that he had a bit of trouble describing what made him spectacular, saying that he felt like it was not really his place to decide. Despite that, his many achievements, both in performance and academics, say otherwise.

  Henry also had this to pass along to those reading: “Stay cool.”