Basketball Fans Go Mad over March Madness


Wikimedia Commons

UNC Chapel Hill Basketball player Caleb Love jumps to shoot a 3-pointer. During the March Madness championship game, Love scored thirteen points for his team.

Berkeley Sumner, Section Editor

 March Madness is one of the highlights of basketball in college. Fans make brackets and gather to watch their teams compete against each other. This year, the teams in the final four are Duke and UNC, as well as Villanova and Kansas. 

  Kansas won their game against Villanova 81-65. UNC won their game against Duke 81-77, making this the career-ending game for Duke’s head coach, Mike Krzyzewski. With UNC being a number eight seed and Duke being a number two seed, the win is a huge bracket upset. The outcome of those games resulted in the March Madness championship game having UNC and Kansas playing one another. 

  The odds of winning were against UNC due to their lower seed, but they were able to pull a 16-point lead over Kansas in the first half. During the second half, Kansas outscored UNC 47-29, causing UNC to lose the close game by three points at 69-72.