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Hey! I'm Emma McDonald, and this is my first year on the staff! I'm currently a sophomore here at Millbrook, and math has got to be my best and favorite subject. Aside from writing, I also enjoy to read, lay in the sun, listen to music, and watch Netflix (who doesn't?). I've been working with horses since I turned 7, and now jump competitively with my thoroughbred, Clue. You can always catch me with some earbuds in listening to the 1975. My favorite show to watch is The Office, so if you haven't gotten around to it, I highly recommend. I love traveling to different places such as London, France, and Costa Rica, and one day hope to travel through Europe! I get cold VERY easily, so you'll probably see me wearing a jacket in 65 degree weather. I'm still deciding what I want to study in college; there's just so many interesting subjects! That pretty much raps it up. Catch ya later, Cat Talk readers!

Emma McDonald, staff reporter

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