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Harrison Schwinger
Hi, my name is Harrison Schwinger. I am a fifteen year old sophomore at Millbrook High School. I love sports, and I am going to play baseball for the Millbrook High School team this year. I like reading, watching, and talking about baseball, basketball, and football. At my middle school, I was the sports writer, and I have written several articles about football and basketball.  I am a big part of my jewish youth organization, RALFTY. I am the SAVP which means the Social Action Vice President. I love social action because helping people is very fun, especially when I do it with friends. I love writing because it helps me escape from all the stress of being a sophomore who plays sports. I hope you enjoy all of my articles that I write. Thanks. :)

Harrison Schwinger, Staff Reporter

Sep 27, 2019
Anger Issues, holdouts, and rookie stars; just a normal three weeks in the NFL (Story)
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