Spectacular Students: Ryan Rebne


Ross Rebne

Warding off the defender, Ryan Rebne passes the ball to a teammate. Playin soccer is one of many things Ryan enjoys doing here at Millbrook.

Grayson McClendon, Staff Reporter

From being a part of Millbrook Athletics to working on being State Officer for DECA, Ryan Rebne is involved in many aspects of Millbrook. Ryan is a sophomore this year, and he displays so much school spirit by attending almost every football game, working to be an officer in four clubs, and going all out for spirit week. According to his math teacher, Ms. Bero, “Ryan is a very enthusiastic learner, very curious, and always thinks outside the box.”

 One thing that takes up a lot of time for Ryan is MEB (Millbrook Executive Board). Ryan has been part of MEB since he was a freshman, and he is hoping to continue that until his last year of high school. According to Ryan, “MEB allows me to become involved in my school, get to know my teachers better, and it prepares me later in life for leadership roles. In the future I want to be the Student Body Vice President or Treasurer.” From going to meetings in the mornings before school starts, to staying after school to help with school-wide events, Ryan devotes his time and effort to this club.

 Another thing that Ryan is a part of at Millbrook is the JV Soccer team. Ryan plays center back on Millbrook’s team, and they have had the luck to have win 7 out of 15 games so far this season. His coach, Mr. Cope, described Ryan as “a positive influence on the team and always laughs at my lame jokes.”  Because he gets to travel to different schools and play against his friends on the other teams, Ryan enjoys Millbrook soccer just as much as he enjoys doing everything else here at Millbrook.

 Outside of school, Ryan participants is many activities to keep him busy. During the summer, Ryan is a lifeguard at his neighborhood pool and described it as “A great way to be taught responsibility and have fun while doing it.” Besides his summer job, Ryan also participates in volleyball and plays on the Triangle 18 team at Triangle Volleyball Club. At one point last season, Ryan says his team was fiftieth in the entire country and was able to win a tournament at the Richmond Volleyball Club in Virginia. In addition, Ryan volunteers at the Brown Paper Bag Organization, which helps serve the hungry around central North Carolina. And after all of that, Ryan enjoys going to his house in Lake Gaston, going to Younglife every Monday night, and playing sports with all of his friends in his free time. As you can see, Ryan Rebne is a great athlete, a spectacular student, and an important aspect to Millbrook High School.