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The student news site of Millbrook High School

Cat Talk

The student news site of Millbrook High School

Cat Talk

Millbrook junior Bryce Milford is number one for junior hardbat and sandpaper table tennis in the world. This accomplishment helps him learn more about himself and his future everyday.

Spectacular Student: Bryce Milford

Kenley Belcher, Entertainment Section Editor
May 6, 2024
Ian Johnson uses kindness and perseverance to attack any struggle along his way. He used these skills to excel in both school and running to commit to Elon University for track and cross country.

Spectacular Student: Ian Johnson

Kenley Belcher, Entertainment Section Editor
March 18, 2024
Cecilia Case has made an impact through the school among her classmates and teachers. Taking her experience she has learned the last 4 years, she will continue to a college and into her future career.

Spectacular Student: Cecilia Case

Kenley Belcher, Entertainment Section Editor
January 18, 2024
Natalie Gonzalez is an amazing leader throughout Millbrook. She has made an impact on students and staff throughout school.

Spectacular Student: Natalie Gonzalez

Kenley Belcher, Entertainment Section Editor
September 20, 2023
Mr. Adams, the choir director, describes Ava saying, “Ava is a remarkably talented and intelligent student leader in Madrigals.  She is a lovely singer and brilliant pianist.  Ive been here for 14 years and she is one of the most talented high school musicians that Ive met.”

Spectacular Students: Ava Allen

Sydney Phillips, Section Editor
October 28, 2022
Henry sits posed for the camera in his character of Dan at the conclusion of the play. Night Must Fall is the first performance by Henry at Millbrook.

Spectacular Students: Henry Eastin

Sydney Phillips, Staff Reporter
November 23, 2021
Running across the field, Jayden Ferguson tries to earn a touchdown for Millbrook. Being on the JV football team is Jayden’s favorite activity.

Spectacular Students: Jayden Ferguson

Gabrielle Phillips, Editorials/News Editor
April 13, 2021
Cheering on the Wildcats, Madison Solomon (front middle) cheers on the team with the other JV cheerleaders. This is just one of the ways Madison shows her school spirit at Millbrook.

Spectacular Students: Madison Solomon

Gabrielle Phillips, News/Editorials Editor
February 22, 2021
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