Spectacular Students: Vianney San Agustin


millbrookjrotc (via. Instagram)

(center right, holding the black flag) Vianney has made impressive accomplishments in only three years, having reached the highest possible title she can receive of cadet sergeant major. Additionally, she has led Millbrook’s JROTC program to several victories securing her spot as one of the most successful members of the JROTC program.

Sydney Phillips, Section Editor

  Millbrook’s JROTC program has been producing excellent scholars and leaders for years, combining physical education as well as scholarship to create well-rounded students who will graduate ready to face the world. This year one of their standout stars is Vianney San Agustin,

 “Cadet Sergeant Major Vianney San Agustin has reached the highest rank for all enlisted in our program and she did this as a junior,” Colonel Baker, head of the JROTC program said. “She is our Raider team captain. She is not tall, she is not the strongest, she is not the fastest runner or a female on the team that can do the most pushups.  She is, however, without a doubt, the most successful Raider team leader in Millbrook history.” With these words of praise, the Cat Talk went to interview Vianney to find out more. 

  When asked about the impact JROTC has made on her life, Vianney explained that, “It mentally challenged me. It made me go in situations where I really had to think not just for myself but for my team. So every decision I made, it had to be smart.” She’s definitely proven this by excelling both as the Raider’s team leader, as well as being a valuable member of the JLab team, a team focused on academic excellence within JROTC. She shares that they’ve won almost all of their Raider competitions this year, and are going to Kentucky next year to further advance in the competition.

  She describes her role in JROTC as being the “mediator”, explaining that at home she’s the oldest and has taken that sense of responsibility with her as she’s progressed through highschool. One impressive fact about herself is that she’s done Tae Kwon Do, and has plans to major in biology in the future before taking up a job in the medical field. She believes that the sense of responsibility she’s fostered during her time at Millbrook will help her in college and post-grad, and the things she’s learned during her time in the JROTC program will stay with her forever.

  For anyone thinking of joining JROTC she says: “Don’t think about it twice. Just do it. It’s really fun and the relationships you build with everyone are impactful and you will remember them forever.”

  As a rising senior Vianney has gained the respect of those around her, proved herself to be a capable leader, and demonstrated academic excellence by maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Millbrook’s JROTC program is proud to have her.