Spectacular Students: Ashe’ Kelsey


A. Kelsey

As a graduating senior this year, Ashe’ has left her mark on the Millbrook community. She will be remembered by her peers for years to come as both a smiling face among the students and a friend.

Sydney Phillips, Staff Reporter

  Millbrook High School has a proud tradition of promoting the arts among its students, and dance is no exception. Anyone trying to get to know Millbrook’s dance department, or just looking for an example of greatness, should look no further than Ashe’ Kelsey, captain of the Millbrook dance team.

  Not only does Ashe’ excel in dance, but she is also accomplished in other areas of the Millbrook community. She is a member of the IB Diploma Programme and serves as the Senior Class of 2022 Vice President. While she is currently focused on dance, she has previously done other activities including participating in pageants, being a part of a cheer team, and running on  a track team.

  Ashe’ has years of experience under her belt when it comes to dancing. She has been a part of various dance programs for 12 years! She was first introduced to dance by her mom when she was three years old. Since starting it young, she has grown over the years into the dancer she is today. She says that dance has helped show her what she wants to go on to do with her life. For her, this means studying health sciences and continuing her career in dance. 

  Ashe’ describes dance as being a kind of family. Unlike other Millbrook departments, the dance program allows a connection with other dancers across various skill levels through after school activities and dance concerts. As captain of the Millbrook dance team, this allows her a unique opportunity to get to know the people throughout the dance program. She describes it as being something built off of support, which she finds more important than the actual dancing.

  Though she is undeniably one of Millbrook’s star dancers, she considers herself someone who is not afraid to step to the side and offer an encouraging word to someone else. “I think I am definitely the hype girl of the group,” she said, remarking on her role inside the dance program. Not only is she a leader, but she is someone her fellow classmates can look to if they need help or support in their dancing.

  For any would-be dancers who may be nervous about joining the dance program, Ashe’ offers up a few words of encouragement: “Don’t be super insecure when you come in. It goes back to the family thing. Everyone is just here to support you and even if you have never danced before you can always learn and it isjust a time for you to be free and be your own self.” Millbrook offers beginner level dance classes as well as advanced level and invites all students, regardless of background, to participate in the program to grow their skills and embrace a part of the arts program.

  Describing what makes her spectacular, Ashe’ said, “I have a lot of bright energy, which has shown [within] the school and with my friends.”