Spectacular Students: Jayden Ferguson


P. Hatley

Running across the field, Jayden Ferguson tries to earn a touchdown for Millbrook. Being on the JV football team is Jayden’s favorite activity.

Gabrielle Phillips, Editorials/News Editor

Jayden Ferguson is a freshman at Millbrook this year but is already leaving an impact on the Wildcat community. Jayden is involved in the football program and participates in Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) as a student leader. In the future, Jayden plans on joining more clubs running track. He said, “Although I have only been in the school once, Millbrook is like home away from home. It is full of great teachers and coaches. When you get to know the students, it is a very fun environment.”
Jayden’s favorite activity at Millbrook is being on the JV football team. He has been playing the sport for three years total. Jayden hopes to play throughout high school. He loves how everyone on the team acts like brothers and get hype after a good play. He said, “It is great knowing that we go out there to have a great time and play a game we love.”
One person that has impacted Jayden is Coach Bunting. When asked to describe Jayden, Coach Bunting said, “Jayden has been a welcome addition and a breath of fresh air to Millbrook. It is great to see a freshman, during a pandemic, dive into the Millbrook community with such energy and focus. He has already begun to engage into clubs, athletics, and maintain a 4.13 grade point average.”
Outside of school, Jayden goes to church and would volunteer before COVID. He used to operate one of the cameras during service or help in the back room to organize slides that would be projected on the big screens. He has been involved with church his whole life, and that is where a lot of his friends are. He said, “Church has helped me figure out how I want to live my life, and I am glad I was introduced to it at an early age.” After COVID ends, he plans to go back and do more volunteer work.
One of Jayden’s proudest moments is getting the “Principal’s Award” in middle school. It was given to him for demonstrating dedication to his school and the activities in it. At Millbrook, Jayden also received the PAWS award for demonstrating the IB character traits of balance and communication.
In the future, it is Jayden’s dream to play in the NFL, but if that does not work out, he would like to be a graphic designer. Jayden has a bright future ahead of him and is truly a spectacular student!