Creative Cats

Zoe Peller


L. Powers

Watching Zoe Peller work any Adobe software is a fantastic show of pure talent! This extraordinary junior stands out from the crowd with not only her work in school, but her work in the community as well, earning her the honor of being named a Creative Cat.

Logan Powers, Design Editor

 Walking down the hallway, it is hard to miss Zoe Peller with her bright cranberry hair. Whether she is on her way to the art studio or the martial arts studio, Zoe keeps a smile on her face and an open mind to any creative opportunities. Through all aspects of digital media, from animation to video, Zoe Peller’s skills are able to shine brightly through. As a member of the Digital Media Career Academy and IB Film, as well as being a skilled martial artist, Zoe’s talent is expressed through almost every artistic outlet imaginable. Teaching kids martial arts after school and working with her classmates on their upcoming short films, Zoe tries to bring in her past knowledge and experience to make their work even better. She talks about combining her passions of fighting and animation saying, “I am a martial artist, and have had a passion for fighting my entire life. I found a talent for animation, and now work to create fight scenes that utilize elements of real martial arts.”

 While the digital arts are greatly appealing to Zoe, she also finds great enjoyment in traditional art forms at the same time. In her spare time, Zoe likes to create watercolor paintings, one of the more traditional forms of art she has experience with. While painting, Zoe is able to make her imagination come to life on the blank canvas before her. Zoe is also very highly spoken of by her teachers, who call her a creative, talented, and intelligent student who is outstanding both in the classroom and in her extracurricular activities.

 Not only is this Creative Cat a true inspiration to the artistic community at Millbrook, but Zoe also works greatly with the community outside of Millbrook. She talks about her work in the community saying, “Outside of school, I teach martial arts to children, and train to further my own fighting style. I also animate and paint whenever I can.” Getting out into the community and working with everyone she can, Zoe feels as though she has made an impact on the world around her. If you want to see some of Zoe’s work, go to No matter where this Creative Cat goes in the future, Zoe Peller is sure to bring something new and exciting into the world with her skills in animation and art!