Teacher Tribute: Laura Kost


H. Hortman

Hugging one of her students, Mrs. Kost shows just how passionate she is about them. Mrs. Kost wants to teach her students more than just the material; she sees the value of getting them excited to learn.

Hannah Hortman, Staff Reporter

  Mrs. Kost has gained quite a reputation for being one of the sweetest teachers around Millbrook. It is clear she was destined to become a teacher by the way she cares for others and her willingness to help others. She received a Bachelor of Arts in English and a certification in Secondary Education from the University of North Dakota. However, it took some time for her to discover her desire to teach. Originally, she planned on going into the medical field after high school. She soon realized that becoming an eye doctor seemed like it would get boring. She wanted a job that would always be new and fresh. She did not want to get stuck doing the same old routine each and every day. This is what caused her to switch her major to English, and eventually she began her teaching career at Millbrook. Ever since then, she claimed, “It was the best choice, and I am so thankful that this is where I am.”

  She shows her love for reading by teaching English I and Speech II classes. Her goal in the classroom is to help students develop curious mindsets and teach them how to find the information they want to know. She wants to get them excited about learning, and she does this by being excited herself. She implements daily meditation into her class agenda because she sees the importance of mindfulness. She describes mindfulness as “taking a moment to pause and respond from your smarter self instead of your immediate, gut reaction.” This meditation benefits her and the students because she can use it to see what the kids are really experiencing. She can address behavioral issues more effectively because it allows her to understand what might be causing a student to act a certain way. Sophomore Jaidyn Hicks said, “She is the sweetest person I know. Everyday we got to meditate, and it really helped calm me down.” Quiet time helps students redirect their thought process and focus on the mindset of getting work done and producing good work.

  Mrs. Kost’s work stretches far beyond the classroom itself. She is the Freshman Class Council advisor, as well as the Speech and Debate Team coach. Behind the scenes, she is part of the Intervention Team, which helps students who are at risk of failing or not being promoted to the next grade. Their goal is to find students who need guidance and help them find success by getting them back on track. She is also part of the Beginner Teacher Mentor program, which was created due to a very high burn-out rate of new teachers. This program allows her to support these new teachers and make them feel more comfortable. She enjoys being a part of this because she does not want to see teachers with great potential quit when they could go on to have an amazing impact on their students.

  Mrs. Kost feels so lucky to be at Millbrook because she gets to work with such a diverse student population. These students all have vastly different perspectives of the world; she loves getting to see how differently they think, while also seeing just how similar they actually are. Mrs. Kost enjoys watching her students overcome challenges, and considers it “good for her soul” to see what students go through and what they come out of. Mrs. Kost deserves to be recognized for her thoughtful, passionate work as a teacher at Millbrook High School, and this is why she is most definitely the epitome of a teacher tribute.