ShabaShabu/ Black Ivory Cafe


Jack Williams, Staff reporter

Black Ivory Cafe, a new addition to the popular Japanese restaurant ShabaShabu, is a unique cafe that serves more than just coffee. They also serve boba, bubble tea, and many other Asian breakfast options, making the order options endless.  


  A welcoming atmosphere and helpful staff make this cafe special. Providing a comforting space to study or hang out with friends, Black Ivory Cafe is a wonderful place that keeps you interested throughout your visit, displaying art from local artists. Black Ivory Cafe’s atmosphere is like no other. ShabaShabu was opened by Mr. Charles Tirada located at 3080 Wake Forest Rd. 20 years ago. In Early 2022, Mr. Tirada decided to turn the sushi area into what is now known as Black Ivory Cafe. Mr. Tiradas’s goal is to “provide the best coffee around.” Partnered with Larry’s Coffee, Black Ivory Cafe provides freshly roasted coffee. As for boba teas, Mr. Tirada uses the best purees, concentrated syrups, as well as powder. 


A welcoming atmosphere and helpful staff make this cafe special. Along with Mr. Carles Tirada, general manager Juan has worked as a barista at Black Ivory cafe for almost five years. Artist and second general manager Yai has decorated the cafe with art pieces that are unlike any other. Working together, Charles, Juan, and Yai provide the best care and are willing to answer questions and even start a conversation with any customer 

  Black Ivory cafe is definitely a hidden gem of Raleigh. It provides a clean, peaceful space with delightful service. Their excellent coffee bar has a variety of options: espresso, tea lattes, boba, etc. There are no complaints in terms of the variety of food that is served. They offer a wide menu, including Asian-styled waffles, burritos, and dumplings. I recommend Black Ivory Cafe to anyone who is looking for a peaceful and comforting breakfast spot. Located on 3080 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh NC 27609, make sure to check it out!