NASA Makes History with First Woman on the Moon


Christina Koch makes history by being the first woman on a Lunar Mission to the moon. She was Born In Michigan and received a Bachelor of Science degrees in electrical engineering and physics and a Master of Science in electrical engineering at NC State University.

Ella Milak, Staff Reporter

   On Monday, April 3, 2023, 44-year-old Koch was named the first female astronaut to be assigned to a lunar mission by NASA.  

Koch has confirmed that “from a very early age I wanted to be an astronaut, even though I knew my chances were very, very low”. 

   Koch’s crew consists of three men. Victor Glover, the first black astronaut on a lunar mission, has also joined the team. They will be joined by Reid Wiseman and Jeremy Hansen to launch a capsule around the moon late next year or early in 2025.

   The astronauts will aim to land on the Moon and lay the path for future astronauts. Together, this crew will have to observe through the windows of the Orion capsule which will be propelled into space by the powerful SLS launcher. After a few days, they’ll get a close-up view of our natural satellite. This will be when Orion orbits earth, then falls down in the Pacific Ocean right off the coast of San Diego, California, which totals 24 days after the departure. 

  NASA has made history by deciding to choose Koch to be the first woman to travel to the moon and beyond, which paves the way for future women astronauts.