‘Guys and Dolls’: Millbrook’s Spring Musical

EvanKate Page, Assistant Social Media Director

 Every year Theater Director, Mr. Kotzian (Mr. K), announces the long-awaited next spring musical at the drama awards on May 25. Junior Jocelyn Rubio, an actress in this year’s musical, described the feeling of the anticipated news, “It is always so exciting and nerve-racking to find out what the next musical will be. We all think of ideas and the upcoming auditions next school year.”

  The production of Guys and Dolls was a fan-favorite this year as the auditorium seats were filled with laughter, smiles, and people singing along. The play went on stage Thursday night 3/23 for opening night, Friday 3/24, and Saturday 3/25 for the closing night. It was a bittersweet night for seniors that put on their last performance at Millbrook. This production was a long-awaited performance and it did not disappoint! The arts boosters were in the hallway selling merchandise, raffles, and refreshments during the intermission. 

  The Musical consisted of several lead actors/ actresses, Nick Ansbacher as Sky Masterson, Lily Kindsvatter as Sarah, Harper Williams as Adaline, and Jack Burich as Nathan Detroit. The cast for this musical blended together very well and became a tight-knit group. Actress in the play, junior Elise Edmonson, describes the cast as “strong” and said, “I think everybody puts their all into it and the cast works very well together. I am proud of the outputs we have been doing.” Edmonson explained the characters in the musical by emphasizing their realness but outlining that they still have some flaws.

  One of the leads, Junior Nick Ansbacher, had his debut performance here at Millbrook. He shared his emotions about the big opening night in an interview with CatTalk. He mentioned that his first time performing here was “exhilarating” and his nerves quickly went away when he first walked on stage and was rushed with adrenaline after seeing the audience. 

    The production required many people to get involved for it to run smoothly. Not only were the actresses and actors preparing for weeks, but the band, technical theater, and dance students also had several rehearsals before the big night. The dance team made a cameo during the musical and the band played throughout. Technical Theater students were in charge of many behind-the-scenes aspects of the musical, such as costumes, lights, sets, music, and sound. Although these students were not seen during the musical they were a vital part of making it a good show. 

  Drama awards will take place next month where there will be several performances and a red carpet! The next musical will be announced, so tune in for the big news!