Lights! Camera! Action!: Comedies to Get You Through the End-of-Year Stress


Nothing is more stressful than the end of the school year and having many things to complete. Fortunately, with the help of some of the most popular comedy movies, students can find ways to get themselves through the end of the year.

Lauren Jones, Co Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Director

  The only thing more stressful than school is the end of the school year with finals giving everyone a rough time to find calm in the storm. One of the best ways to ease stress is to watch something that makes you laugh for a while, and to forget about what is giving you anxiety. The Cat Talk staff would like to suggest two very popular comedy movies to help with the end-of-year stress: “The Lost City” and “RV.”

  When a reclusive author, Loretta Sage, releases her latest book about exotic places in her popular adventure novels, she meets the attractive cover model, Alan, for the book. Knowing each other from her previous books, Loretta and Alan are on each other’s bad sides, as Loretta believes that Alan cannot be like his character in her books. When her tour begins to promote the latest story, Loretta unfortunately gets kidnapped by a strange billionaire, Abigail Fairfax. Loretta discovers that Fairfax wants her to lead him to an ancient city’s lost treasure she wrote about in her latest novel. In order to prove that he can be a hero in real life, not just in her books, Alan sets off to rescue her. Upon their journey to escape her kidnapper, Alan and Loretta try to find the treasure, while constantly bantering and annoying each other in the process. The conversations between Loretta and Alan are guaranteed to make the audience have a relaxing experience filled with laughter.

  Just like any other typical American dysfunctional family, the Munros have rebellious, uncommunicative children with baffled parents. When their phones become their sole source of entertainment, Bob Munro is determined to remedy the problems with their family. So when their trip to Hawaii is canceled due to Bob’s work schedule, he rents an RVfor a family road trip from Los Angeles to the Colorado Rockies. Along the way, the Munros meet various interesting characters and families that contribute to the ongoing problems the family has to face. When Bob’s inexperience with handling an RV, intrusive raccoons, and sewage issues occur during the trip, the family experiences many occurrences of mishaps that fill the movie with comedy. In almost every scene of the movie, the audience will have at least one reason to laugh hilariously at the events the Munros have to face. 

  The end of the school year can be tough with numerous tasks and obligations leaving teenagers with many reasons to feel stressed. However, when things start to become too much, the Cat Talk staff leaves you with two amazing comedy movies to help you laugh your way through the end of the year.