Former Wake County Public School Teacher Arrested After Shooting at an Apartment Complex


Dorsey Ramey, Staff Reporter

  On Sunday afternoon, the Raleigh Police Department responded to a shooting at Glenwood South Apartments. Hakim Omar Jones was taken into custody and charged with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and discharging a weapon in an occupied property. The investigators have come out to say Jones was trying to kill a man and women who were living in the Glenwood South apartments. The victims were not shot but the woman was injured from glass from the window breaking from gunshots. 

  Jones played football for North Carolina State University from 2012-2015. He played defensive tackle and led the team for tackles at one point. Jones also was a former Wake County Public School gym teacher at Durant Middle School. Senior Sara- Kathryn was his former student and said, “it is crazy that he used to be my teacher.”  Shocking to hear that Jones would have done this but investigators still do not have a motive.