Creative Cats: Hadley Brickman


H. Brickman

Brickman being active and giving cues behind the scenes during the spring 2023 musical, “Guys and Dolls!”

Emerson Conigliaro, Writer

Any person who has seen a Millbrook Theater production has seen the magic that Hadley Brickman creates. This senior has been involved in our school’s drama program since her freshman year. Along with theater, this Wildcat is a member of the English National Honors Society and has a job outside of Millbrook. It is a wonder how she balances stage managing and everything else!
Brickman explains to Cat Talk that she has always been interested in theater, and decided to take Beginning Theater Art her freshman year and, by chance, ended up in the overflow class, taught by Mr. Edwards. She explains, “His class exposed me to tech as a way to get involved in the program at Millbrook without having to stress over auditioning for every show, and really opened me up to the potential that working behind the scenes has.”
When this Wildcat was asked how she got the opportunity to become the Stage Manager, she explained that during the Tech Theatre interest meeting, she, “…approached the Stage Manager at the time and before I could even speak really, she was like, ‘Yes, you are ours now.’” Brickman says that she really didn’t know exactly what she was getting herself into, but that, “I really couldn’t be more thankful for their openness towards me from the very beginning.”
This senior’s last Millbrook production was “Guys & Dolls,” and she couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to do it with than the techies right now! When asked if this exemplary Wildcat wishes to continue being involved with stage management, she says, “As of right now I am undecided in what I plan to pursue in college and as a career, but being Stage Manager and getting the opportunity to work in tech with the equipment, and more importantly the incredible people, is something that I know I will carry with me into whatever I do choose to pursue. It has taught me leadership, collaboration and organizational skills far beyond any class I’ve ever taken, which I am beyond grateful for.”
If you see her, be sure to thank Hadley Brickman for all she has done for Millbrook Theater!