Illinois Dust Storm Kills Seven in 72-Car Pile-Up


Dry fields and heavy winds stir up dust near I-55 in downtown Illinois, roaring up a dust storm. Due to the dust storm picking up beside the intestate a massive car pile-up occurred, killing seven and injuring many.

Lauren Jones, Co Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Director

  Seven were killed and more than 30 were injured after a dust storm caused a massive multi-car pile-up on I-55 in downstate Illinois on Monday. Due to the excessive winds blowing dirt from fields beside the highway, the drivers on the road had zero visibility. The flat landscapes have been very dry in the area for the past three weeks as a result of farmers planting their fields. With frequent farming, the top layer of the soil has been loose for some time, enough so that 35 to 45 mph winds caused a dust storm to occur. 

  After closing off the interstate for nearly 30 miles, officials confirmed that an estimated 80 vehicles were involved in the wreck.  The wreck also involved two semi-truck trailers that caught on fire. Images show that thick clouds of dust and smoke covered the area, and multiple cars experienced burnt-out husks.

  Resulting from the wreck, parts of I-55 remained closed to traffic until Tuesday. As of recent news, most of the victims have been identified, but officials have put together teams to find the families of the remaining victims.