John Rahm Runs Away with the Masters


John Rahm celebrating after a crucial shot in the Masters.

Aidan Spoonhour, Staff Reporter

  With the 2023 Masters wrapping up there is a lot that went down. The Masters are essentially the Superbowl of the golf world and with the abundance of storylines throughout the course of this tournament it was definitely one to remember.

  John Rahm took away the victory in his first ever Masters win and his second ever major win. Rahm’s key to victory was his undeniable success down the stretch. He started off hot shooting 8 under par (-8) he was in a tight matchup between Phil Mickelson both 8 under (-8) but not even a few hours later in the same day Rahm would best Mickelson shooting 12 under par (-12). Rahm didn’t let the nerves get to him as the tournament went on even shooting one into the woods but Rahm’s ability to keep the ball on the fairway and green goes to  how someone with such composure will always prevail. 

  Eastern Carolina University student and avid golfer Kevin Ross said that “This is one of the most intense Masters I have ever watched, with Koepka making a push towards the end and Rahm losing a ball. I genuinely didn’t know what was happening. Watching Rahm be calm even after almost selling the Masters is something that’s very impressive!” A Millbrook junior and member of the golf team Marshall Buffaloe had this to say, “I thought the masters was very interesting as the course seemed to vary in difficulty everyday. This resulted in uncertainty through the tournament making it an entertaining one! I am very glad Rahm got the one though as I was rooting for him.” Luckily for Marshall his wishcame true. 

  With Rahm’s standout victory and his second ever major win he looks to keep his name around and create a successful career of his own. Vegas currently has Rahm to win it again in 2024, and with him teasing his plans for next year you can only wonder if he will repeat his stellar performance.