Apple Introduces New Emojis


Expressing ideas and emotions through technology has now been adapted through emoticons. The new emojis coming out from Apple on the iOS 11.1 update will give a bigger variety of people an opportunity to express their emotions.  

Grayson McClendon, Staff Reporter

Just when the public thought that Apple could not do anything more, they strike again. Today, on October 9, Apple will be releasing dozens of new emojis with the new iOS 11.1 update. With this update, there will be emojis such as a women breastfeeding, different food, and gender neutral emojis. The gender neutral emojis will be split between children, adults, and seniors, and will contain hairstyles that do not link to a specific gender. Apple has been working hard to create a phone with a more diverse way to communicate. The diverse emojis will include all ages and more varieties of skin color so that it connects to a wider population. Last year, Rayouf Alhumedhi, a 15 year old girl from Saudi Arabia, created a hijab emoji to the Unicode Consortium because she wanted an emoji that looked like her, which will also be released today. Other emojis that are being released are an orange heart, a hedgehog, a mermaid, and many more. What is Apple going to do next?