Critic’s Corner: Juicekeys

Unlock a Healthful Food Experience



Featuring an all-organic menu, Juickeys strives to serve foods that will not hurt your health. Owner Kelly Young loves to create flavorful, yet nutritious, food choices.

Sydney Smith, Staff Reporter

From smoothies, to juices, to salads, to even healthy desserts, Juicekeys’ menu includes a variety of nourishing foods that taste fresh and flavorful. Juicekeys’ title is derived from the concept that their mission is to provide the keys to great health, nutrition, education, and an active lifestyle, and every menu item reflects this philosophy. They do not serve any foods containing harmful or processed ingredients-everything is all natural.

 When Kelly Young, the owner of Juicekeys and a former competitive gymnast, fractured her back, the health challenges that accompanied her injury weighed on her for the next six years. After she experienced weight gain, she resorted to the standard American method of weight-loss- calorie counting and fat tracking. Young did not grasp the concept of food as medicine until she reached the age of twenty-one and finally realized the significance of what we consume. At the time, Young attended North Carolina State University as a communications major and had no experience in the food industry. Then, one of her professors opened her eyes to the wonders whole, natural food can contribute to our bodies. Her teacher had a passion for juicing, which affected Young’s lifestyle. In 2010, Young became a certified Hypocrates Health Educator through the Hypocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, an establishment that assists people in taking initiative to maintain their health. Young became a certified biofeedback practitioner, a type of therapist who teaches patients to control involuntary physiological processes and continued her health journey by opening a holistic food center. Meanwhile, her brother, Chris Young, was employed as a Marine when he visited a juice bar. Although Chris had not previously shared Kelly’s dedication to health education, he returned home reporting his new desire to open a juice bar. Chris and Kelly Young have since their own health boutique and restaurant, Juicekeys, building a burgeoning community of satisfied customers everyday. “I like providing something that is going to have a positive impact on people’s health,” Kelly explains. Her favorite aspect of managing Juicekeys is creating the recipes for the items featured on its menu. Kelly also loves working with her brother because they have differing strengths, making for an efficient business team.

 Kelly’s favorite menu item is the Apple Pie smoothie with added protein and spirulina, a type of nutrient-packed algae, and Juickeys’ most popular menu item is the Strawberry Bliss power bowl. As fall has commenced, Juicekeys has added their annual limited edition Pumpkin Spice smoothie and introduced the new Pumpkin Spice acai bowl. Dining at Juicekeys is an experience like no other. The unique home-like decor and the friendly, helpful staff make for an inviting, comfortable atmosphere.

 Locally owned and based out of Raleigh, Juicekeys’ only location is at Quail Corners on Falls of Neuse Road, but a new location will be opening at Lafayette Village on Honeycutt Road in the next couple of months. Stop by on weekdays from 7:00-7:00, and on weekends from 8:30-5:00. For Juicekeys’ full menu and nutrition blog, visit