That’s What She Said: Relationships With Technology

Technology is harmful!


Grayson McClendon

Enjoying each others company, Elizabeth Iager and AJ Kurke try to hold a conversation with each other without being distracted by their phones.

Grayson McClendon, Staff Reporter

Romantic relationships are harder now because conversations become texting, arguments become phone calls, and feelings become status updates. Throughout our generation, technology has become the main focus of our lives. While it gives you the ability to communicate with people whenever you want,  it can also cause iniquity within your relationships. So what do you think? Is technology harmful or helpful?

 The main reason that I believe technology can harm relationships is the lack of face to face communication. This means that partners are using their devices as an easy way out. Whether it is a breakup, an argument, or expressing your feelings towards your partner, technology is allowing us to hide behind our screens to avoid real conversations. It also can hide sarcasm, laughter, and other body language.  How many times have you read a text and wondered, “are they joking?”  Now I know what you are thinking: this is the easy way; how is this harmful? Communicating too much over the phone, and not face to face, can limit our social skills which could lead to a number of issues like withdrawal, anxiety, and even depression.  So, even though communicating behind a screen may seem like the “norm” and the easiest and fastest method, ask yourself — is this really the best way to get our points across and express our feelings if they can not see or hear us?

 Not only is technology interfering with face to face communication, it is also taking time away from daily activities spent with each other. Technoference was a study that surveyed how much technology gets in the way of relationships. 70% of women answered that quality time meant to spend with their partners was interrupted by television, notifications from their phone, and actively texting during mealtimes. Sophomore AJ Kurke described his role of technology in his romantic relationship: “Technology for our relationship turns out be a negative because it allows more time for an argument to occur.” Now, do you really think a relationship is worth being ruined by silly distractions from technology?

 Some might say that technology has helped strengthen their relationship, possibly by being able to communicate when they are not able to be together or by “showing them off” on social media. However,  I think we can all realize the damage that can be done when technology is used the wrong way and for the wrong reasons. So what about now? I know we can both agree that technology within your relationship is harmful.