The Real Deal?

Is Nicholas Cage actually a vampire?


At an awards show, actor Nicolas Cage poses for a picture. Is it possible he could actually be a part of the undead?

Peyton Lenderman, Features Editor

 Nicolas Cage has long been the subject of internet conversation. Whether it is by making him the subject of a meme, or by mocking his facial expressions, people just cannot seem to get enough of the actor. In 2011, a Civil War-era photograph was posted to eBay by Jack Mord, with the description claiming the photograph is proof that Nicolas Cage was a vampire. The user described how he was utterly convinced of this fact and was selling the photograph for one million dollars. The theory is pretty complex, claiming that Cage allows himself to age to about seventy or eighty, before he “kills” himself off and starts anew. Meaning that in one hundred and fifty years from now, Nicolas Cage might be a politician, a talk show host, or any other number of prominent positions. Senior Nathaniel McDonald said, “It is kind of creepy how similar they look, if we’re being honest. Who knows, maybe it’s legit.” While there is no other proof besides the photograph, the picture really does have an uncanny resemblance to the fifty-three year old actor.  It depicts a man who appears to be around a similar age with the same shaped nose and general features of his face. If the theory is to be believed, it would make Cage over a hundred and forty years old. Unfortunately, no one bought the photo for the requested one million dollars, and the listing was eventually taken down after garnering so much attention.

 A few months after the idea originally surfaced, when the actor was promoting his movie Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, talk show host David Letterman actually brought it up to him in an interview. He asked Cage to either confirm or deny the rumors, but Cage just laughed it off. He claimed the rumor to be ridiculous and began cracking jokes that he does not, in fact, drink blood, and the last time he checked he still had a reflection. When Letterman continued, saying there was no way he could deny the resemblance to the man in the photo, Cage agreed, saying that there were definitely similarities. However, his answer seemed to imply that the man was not as good looking as himself. With this theory, what do you think? Is this the real deal?

Is Nicholas Cage actually a vampire?

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