Creative Cats

Alyssa Scinta


Provided by A. Scinta

Showing off for the camera, Alyssa Scinta elegantly skates and poses with her colorful portrait. Beyond her outstanding talents in art and figure skating, Alyssa is also known for her bubbly personality.

Maddy Fryar, Staff Reporter

When you combine charisma with creativity, you get junior Alyssa Scinta. “I love Alyssa because she’s really friendly, has a great taste in music, and you can always spark up a conversation out of nowhere with her,” junior David Alpizar said.  Alyssa stands out among her peers as a talented artist, figure skater, and musician. She originally got her start painting as a child but started to take it more seriously when she found out there were options for her to apply her skill. She began ice skating nine years ago when she was dragged to ice skating classes with a friend and ended up falling in love with it. Scinta’s passion for music began in middle school. “I know it sounds stupid,” Scinta said. “I did it to impress a boy, but it didn’t work, and I continued to play.” Alyssa is inspired to do her many activities because she considers them therapeutic.

 Alyssa adores ice skating because it makes her feel graceful and like she is flying. “Whenever I skate, I feel so graceful and pretty no matter what,” she said. She also loves encouraging and teaching it to others, since it is a lesser known sport. Scinta looks up to her father as her role model. She said that he never fails to inspire her, she dubbed him a “trooper” for coming out to each and every one of her shows.

 Alyssa’s proudest accomplishment is when she was entered into an art show at Meredith College. Her teacher entered her into the show, which was a cumulative collection of pieces from students all over Wake County. In Scinta’s own words, “It was awesome.” An art piece she is particularly proud of is her realistic portrait of American rapper Logic, which was completed for Raleigh’s 2017 Sparkcon, a creativity festival hosted downtown. The colorful piece was completed solely out of chalk. It beautifully depicts the rapper, as well as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number, which is the title of one of his most popular songs.

 As for any advice Alyssa has to offer for any beginning figure skaters, she simply said to never give up. “I was the exact same way as you when I started,” Scinta said. “Come join Learn to Skate at Wake Forest! There is an adult class, and sometimes I am the coach.” Scinta is loved by anyone that knows her for her radiant personality and her ability to bring a smile to anyone’s face. She is admired for being a jack of all trades. In every sense of the word, she is truly one of Millbrook’s proudest Creative Cats.