The Real Deal?

The lizard people are taking over


Appearing very serious as he discusses his in-depth conspiracy, founder of the lizard-people phenomenon, David Icke, talks to a skeptic. Could it be true that shape-shifting alien lizards are infiltrating our society?

Peyton Lenderman, Features Editor

 Ever been scared that celebrities and politicians were secretly alien lizards wearing people suits aiming to take over our society? No? Well, according to The Guardian, twelve million Americans are. This particularly odd conspiracy began in England, created by a man named David Icke who is convinced that Queen Elizabeth is a shape shifting alien. This then snowballed into an even more in-depth theory, claiming that almost all those in positions of power or influence throughout the world were part of the same, terrifying species.

 So what exactly are these lizard people? According to the new-age philosopher and founder of the theory, David Icke, they are humanoid, reptilian creatures who have the power to take a more human form and disguise themselves within our society. He claims they have been infiltrating us since ancient times and that almost every prominent figure in history is one of these creatures. He even goes so far as to say that they are the ones who created the Illuminati, which is another popular conspiracy craze. They are said to have come from the constellations Draco, Sirius and Orion, and their goal is total domination of the human world. The poll conducted by Public Policy Polling back in 2013 claimed that a whopping 4% of Americans believe this conspiracy, and another 7% claim they are unsure. Senior Victoria Pina said, “The whole thing seems a little weird and out of the blue, to be honest.”

 How do we spot these lizard people? There are some supposed tell-tale signs that, according to Icke, allow us to identify these lizard people, such as having green eyes, having good eyesight/hearing, having red hair, a smile that shows one’s bottom teeth, a sense of not belonging, a love of space, and low blood pressure. Of course, it is not required that one person meets all this criteria to be a lizard person, but the more criteria they meet the more likely they are actually of the alien race. Some famous politicians believed to be of the alien-lizard-variety include former presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. However, it is not limited to government officials. Celebrities are also thought to have been lizard-imposters, including Katy Perry, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Britney Spears, and many more. What do you think? Will these lizard people succeed in their goal for world domination, or have they already? Is this the real deal?