Style File

What Millbrook wore this year


M. Fryar

Smirking for the camera, junior Eli McCarthy dons her favorite graphic band t-shirt. Graphic tees were among the many favorite fashion trends worn by Millbrook students this year.

Maddy Fryar, Staff Reporter

This year saw the flood of many new and daring fashion trends on the runway. However, the style of high-profile celebrities and the style of students are two very different things. This year I observed students opting for comfortable, easygoing fits, which is a big difference between the out-there styles you likely saw on your favorite stars.

 This year, the checkerboard pattern made a big statement on teenage fashion. The simple monochromatic pattern flooded the feeds of your Instagram within the latter months of 2017. Originally starting in menswear, the motif made its way to everyone’s wardrobe quickly. Students loved wearing the checkerboard design to pay homage to the “skater fashion” movement. You would most likely see this trend added onto slip-on Vans, but the pattern has been put on every garment you can think of. “It makes me feel cool,” freshman Nico Jerez summed up simply.

 Next, many of Millbrook students loved graphic t-shirts. Graphic tees can be worn by anyone and are an easy way to represent what you love. Band t-shirts were especially popular among our Wildcats, since they add an edgy vibe to your outfit. Many styles of graphic tees are offered, like cropped, distressed, sleeveless, or baggy, which makes them versatile. While this may not be a trend you would see donned often by supermodels, it is a classic in the closet of a teenager for the way the shirts make a statement in a casual way.

 Lastly, everyone and their mother wore sweatpants this year. No matter who you are, the soft, baggy pants were worn by men and women alike–especially around test days. These bottoms are the epitome of casual comfort, yet can still be stylish, thanks to popular brands like Adidas or Pink making them. Whether you are athletic, relaxed, or maybe just lazy, sweatpants were the most common item anyone would see on a Millbrook student this year. “It’s comfy and cute, and I also don’t have to care,” junior Ashlyn Connell said.

 I personally observed many more students stepping out of their comfort zones this year with what they wore, and I loved it. Clothes express who you are and what you love, and being more daring or attention-grabbing with your looks is a fun way to figure out what you identify with best. No matter if you are effortless or demanding, we all had our favorites.

Even if you are not a runway model or a big-name star, your style is important and our Wildcats paid a lot of mind to that this year, especially when it came to comfort.