That’s what she said: In store shopping


J. McClendon

Posing with shopping bags, I give a big thumbs up to shopping in the store. Aren't these more fun to open than a box?

Grayson McClendon, Staff Reporter

Shopping of any type can be dangerous-especially online shopping; tens to hundreds of dollars gone with just the touch of your finger. Making the trip out to the store saves this habit from becoming an addiction, but what about online shopping? With online shopping, there are no limitations because you can buy clothes, groceries, shoes, whatever and whenever you want. There are also many downsides to online shopping, so listen up! In store shopping is the way to go.

 Assume you go to the mall, and you are trying on a super cute bathing suit at Aerie. Thinking you are as small as you were last summer, your instincts lead you to grab a size small. Squeezing on the suit, you decide that you need a medium instead. You easily swap them out and buy the medium. Another example is going to Dicks and trying on new running shoes, and being able to swap them out in order to to find the perfect fit. Now imagine how difficult this would be if you were online shopping. You would have to find a new box, tape it back together, and send it back. Sending it back also costs money, and that is just if you get the right size back the second time. After all of this, your items will not come in for a while, when in store shopping items come straight home with you. Freshman Elizabeth Griffies said, “I personally love going to stores because I can try on clothes and avoid shipping fees. Then you can actually see what looks good on you and what doesn’t.” Getting the wrong thing in the mail and shipping fees can be easily avoided by taking a trip up to the store instead and getting your items immediately.

 Another reason why in store shopping is better than shopping online is because you can tell the material and quality of what you are buying. Sophomore Anna Marie Schultz stated, “You can’t even tell if it will fit when you shop online or how it actually looks in person.” While buying clothes from online stores, it is hard to determine how nice the quality is, how comfortable it is, and how it fits on you. This is like you mistakenly buying a white shirt online and it getting to you completely see-through. Another example is thinking you are buying full size furniture on Amazon and it being for Barbies. By going into the store, you can easily tell how you like the items, and it is easier to compare sizes and qualities.

 Shopping can also be a social event. Boredom can lead to shopping sprees, but not to online shopping get-togethers. If you go shopping with your friends or your family, it also gives you an opportunity to get their opinion. Although you can send a screenshot of what you are buying to your parents or do a poll on your finsta story, seeing the outfit on you, physically, is much more helpful.

 Bonuses added to in store shopping are extra money for cashiers and more coupons are available to get your items cheaper. Disregarding the fact that online shopping can be done from your bedroom, all these reasons prove that in store shopping is much easier, more convenient, and cheaper in the end. Not only does it come home with you immediately and fit true to you, you can see how the quality is and avoid the annoying shipping fees!