The controversy behind the US Open


Using her famous forehand that knocks her opponent off balance, Serena Williams is caught in action going for the ball. Williams is one of the greatest tennis players today, so why did she not win the US Open this year?

Grayson McClendon, Staff Reporter

On Saturday, Naomi Osaka from Japan defeated Serena Williams in the US Open Championship. Osaka won two sets with scores of 6-2 and 6-4. Many assumed Williams would win as The Women’s Tennis Association had her ranked at number one in the world on eight different occasions. The madness started when her coach was giving her signals in the stands, and the umpire called a code violation. Williams stated that she would never cheat and, out of anger, she slammed her racquet on the ground causing it to break and thus earning herself a penalty point for racquet abuse. Williams later confronted the umpire for being “sexist” and a “thief” which led to a game penalty. She claimed that if this were to happen to a man, they would not have a problem with it. Lots of women have been reaching out and thanking Williams for standing up for gender equality. This gave Osaka her title, but she never got to have her shining moment.