The Real Deal: Is X really dead?

Is X really dead?



Used as the cover for his single, “Look at Me!”, Jahseh Onfroy poses for his mugshot. Onfroy was shot and killed in June of 2018, but some people believe that he is not actually dead.

Margaux Hunter, Editorials Editor

  The well-known rapper Jahseh Onfroy, better known as XXXTentacion, was shot and killed on June 18, 2018. Almost immediately after he was confirmed to be dead, many conspiracy threads arose about what really happened in Parkland, Florida, that day. One of the most popular theories was a thread posted on Twitter by @vasinvain on the same day of  Onfroy’s death. It picked apart footage allegedly taken at the site of the shooting, and analyzed Onfroy’s state of mind at the time of the shooting.

  This theory can really make you think about all the inconsistencies surrounding the death of the rapper. For instance, the Twitter user talks about how Onfroy had a history of mental illness, as demonstrated by his album, 17. Similarly, Onfroy faked his own death in the past in order to promote a new album. At first, some people thought that he was faking again in order to promote a new song of his that came out shortly after his murder: “No Pulse.”

  Another point the Twitter thread makes is that in the low-quality video that was supposedly from the murder scene, some of Onfroy’s characteristic face tattoos are missing. Although the quality works against the viewer, the lighting shows that there are clearly next to no face tattoos. This observation made some people suspect that Onfroy paid a stunt double of sorts to pretend to be him, and pretend to be murdered.

  A different reason why people think that Onfroy’s death was fake is the fact that his alleged murderers seemed to be flaunting their crime on social media. They posed with the face mask that was worn by Onfroy’s killer and, by essentially claiming credit for the murder on Instagram, they turned themselves in. The question remaining is why would they risk getting caught for an Instagram post? They would do this because they were being paid an enormous amount of money to falsely murder Onfroy.

  Junior Aliya Ward said, “I think he’s dead because if he was alive, he would have come back by now. It only has a specific impact if it is for a short amount of time. X has been gone for too long for him to still be alive.”

  About six months before his murder, Onfroy posted a live video on Instagram saying that if he died a tragic and sudden death that his goal was just to touch the hearts of a couple kids. Lots of people questioned his prediction of his own death. Some people argue that six months ago would be too long in advance to begin planning something like this; or that because it was taken so long ago, that it became irrelevant. However, according to the Twitter user who formulated this theory, it was posted just long enough ago that people would have mostly forgotten about it, yet still vaguely remember it.

  But the real deal is that Jahseh Onfroy, A.K.A. XXXTentacion, was pronounced dead at Broward Health North in Parkland, Florida, where he was living at the time. Onfroy was shot once in the neck, despite rumors of being shot up to six times. The video where his facial tattoos are not visible was confirmed as an old video of the rapper before he got the tattoos. The alleged murderers Dedrick Williams, Robert Allen, Michael Boatwright, and Trayvon Newsome were all eventually charged throughout the summer.

  X is dead, and no this is not a case like Tupac. That is The Real Deal.