Natalie Kincaid Takes the Stage


Grace Copeland

Performing in last spring’s musical, Natalie Kincaid starred as Mr. Corry alongside Andrew Bonsted, Riley Yates, Kelly Garrett, and Lanie Winkler in Millbrook’s spring musical, Mary Poppins. With Natalie’s stage presence, Mary Poppins will surely be remembered!

Jenna Griffin, Staff Reporter

 From the classroom to the stage, sophomore Natalie Kincaid has proven to be an exceptional student and artist. The performing arts program at Millbrook has welcomed Natalie openly since she was a freshman and watched her talent flourish daily. Not only does Natalie’s contagious smile and charisma shine, but her kind spirit is also very much appreciated at Millbrook. She is always pushing us to step out of our comfort zones and is the first person to step up and lead the group,” said sophomore Grace Kindl.

 Natalie stands out from her peers because of her devotion to theatre and passion for everything concerning arts! She attributes theatre for helping her tremendously in making new friendships and adapting to high school. Natalie previously had a keen interest for chorus, which compelled her to take the next step and try out theatre. She adores her theatre teacher, as well as all of the students involved in the arts community here. “The working environment is so positive and uplifting, and everyone is like a family. We all support each other because we know we want to achieve similar goals,” said Natalie enthusiastically.

 Natalie’s most memorable moment so far in the theatre program was recently, when auditions were held for the fall play, in which only seven people were cast. “I was working on my monologue constantly in the days leading up to the auditions. I was super stressed because I knew that the cast would be made up of mostly juniors and seniors. It’s hard to relax when you want something so badly,” Natalie said. After the auditions, Natalie thought about the play day and night until the cast list was out. Natalie said, “When I saw that I made the cast, I was practically jumping for joy.” Seeing that she was the youngest in the cast, Natalie immediately knew she had to work really hard to prove she deserved the  part.

 Though the future is uncertain for Natalie, you can surely expect to see her wherever life takes her with a smile on her face! Natalie has made her mark on Millbrook, and there is no doubt that she plans to participate in the musical this spring!