Dear Catty

Izzi Graham, Staff Reporter

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Dear Catty,

 How do I get the courage to get involved and try new things in a school where I do not have any friends? I really want to make more friends and participate in more activities at Millbrook, but I am worried that I will feel excluded.

Scared Sophomore


Dear Scared Sophomore,

 Becoming involved in school activities is a great first step to make new friends! Firstly, you should look into all of the clubs and activities around campus, choose the ones that you are interested in, and attend one of the meetings. Joining clubs that you are excited about will allow you to be surrounded by peers that share your interests! When you walk into the club meeting, sit at a table with other people, introduce yourself, and engage in conversation. It might feel awkward at first, but the end result will be worth it. Remember to keep an open mind and relax. Good luck!



Dear Catty,

 I am really struggling with staying organized. I have classwork and homework from all eight classes, which is overwhelming for both me and my backpack. I can never find the work I need as it is just a cluttered mess. What can I do to become and remain organized?

Jumbled Junior


Dear Jumbled Junior,

 Organization can be really tough, especially with all the paper that comes with taking eight classes! Firstly, you should buy a one-inch binder for each of your classes. Remember, you will only have to take four of them to school each day. I also recommend buying a notebook for each class, as this will aid you in remaining organized with your notes. Store each notebook in the pocket of the binder for that class. Lastly, hole punch every paper that you receive for each class and place it in the correlating binder. Also, make sure to label each binder and notebook with the name of the class. Creating and sustaining organization is the first step to having a successful year!



Dear Catty,

 I feel like I am the only teenager who doesn’t have a boyfriend this fall. It seems as if no one in school is interested in me, and I am tired of having to third wheel with my friends.  I feel unwanted and lonely. What can I do to get a boyfriend?

Single, Sad, and Solitary Senior


Dear Single, Sad, and Solitary Senior,

 Let me assure you that you are most definitely not the only single teenager. However, I understand how you can feel lonely when all of your friends seem to have boyfriends. Most importantly, I want to emphasize that having a boyfriend is not the ultimate remedy which will alleviate you of all feelings of loneliness. Friendships provide the opportunity for longer-lasting, loyal, more stable relationships. You should open yourself up and tell your friends how being a third-wheel makes you feel. A fantastic way to rebuild and reinforce these relationships is to initiate making plans with your friends. Arrange activities that will encourage bonding between you and your friends without their boyfriends. You are valid!



Dear Catty,

 My dog died last week, and I feel really sad. I am having trouble focusing in school and getting my homework done because of how much I miss him. My grades are starting to suffer, and I am falling behind. What should I do?

Forlorn Freshman


Dear Forlorn Freshman,

 I am really sorry to hear about your dog passing away. Losing a pet can be incredibly difficult. The first step you should take is to alert your teachers as to what is going on. You can either email them or tell them in person, but letting them know is a vital step to getting back on track with your schoolwork. This will help your teachers understand what is holding you back, and they will be able to make a plan with you regarding how they can best support you during this time. Be open and honest while having these conversations. You should also have a meeting with your counselor. They can help you work through these negative feelings and support you. You are not alone!