Cryptid Corner: The Beast of Bladenboro


A snarling mountain lion, could this be our culprit? A 2008 TV show called Monster Quest concluded the beast was just a mountain lion, but others find this to be hard to believe.

Jonah Manuel, Staff Reporter

 Greetings, and welcome to the Cryptid Corner. Your complete guide to the strange and unknown where the truth unravels before your very eyes.

 Today you will learn of a beast that plagues this very land of  North Carolina, The Beast of Bladenboro! This ferocious feline has a peculiar appetite for blood, which it robs its prey of. Now, you must be doubting this; a Vampiric cat roaming freely in North Carolina may sound far fetched, but there are many cases where that scepticism may be flawed. Mrs. C.E. Kinlaw, a run of the mill house-wife, had a fateful encounter with this frightful feline in one of the earliest sightings of creature to date, 1954 to be precise.

 At 7:30 in the morning Mrs. Kinlaw was outside her residence, only to find herself in the midst of a prowling predator with a cat-like demeanor. She let out a terrified shriek and quickly fled back to her house. This prompted her husband to charge outside with a loaded gun, only to find “cat-like” paw prints.

 A close call with a mysterious beast is a terrifying circumstance, but that is only the beginning of the treacherous tabby’s tales. A Humble farmer reported several deaths of his livestock, and many people reported strange noises, some cat-like while others sounded as if a woman was screaming or a baby crying. Locals described the beast to be three to four feet long, around twenty inches tall, and in the ballpark of one hundred and fifty pounds. The beast is known to have unkempt tabby brown fur, a lengthy tail and feline facial features.

 A police-organized hunt set out to find and kill this menace but returned empty handed. The Mayor,  Mr. W.G. Fussell, later told the local paper about the beast, Leading this tomcat made national headlines. Hunters across the nation came to put their hat in the ring, to see who can catch the carnivorous cat. A sizely bobcat was killed and that was the end of it, or was it?

In 2007, a farmer in Greensboro reported many of their goats to have crushed skulls and their body’s drained of blood. Around 60 more goats with the same wounds were found in Lexington; that is a 30 mile difference. This sudden resurgence of activity brings this creature into question, is it truly real?

 I approached Mr. David Elizondo, a senior at Millbrook, and asked him, “What does it feel like to live in the same state as this notorious cat-like catastrophe, and do you believe in this feline freak? His response was, “I’m terrified. Of course it exists, what do you think it could be, just some wild cat? I’m ordering military grade weapons as we speak.” This response goes to show, The Beast of Bladenboro has just become a joke to the regular public due to the over dramatic and comical nature of the response. However, that is why this segment was put in place, to open the eyes of the public! To show the truth, and bring light to these strange creatures so. Beware reader, this is only one beast that scourers the land. Many more hide in plane sight. But do not fret, for I will guide you through the strange happenings of this world. Until we meet again, stay alert and stay aware for that nothing may be something…