Cat reviews: Watch it, I think you should!



Barry Allen running to protect his city. He’ll always make sure he gets there in a flash.

Ilene Anthony, Staff Reporter

  Netflix has a wide variation of shows, movies and series. However, once you finish watching one, then what is next? You get to the point where you are just surfing the app with an idea of what you might have in mind to watch. Naturally, you would go to “recommended” and start there. Still, what if you do not like the selection they have for you? Would you go to your friends and ask them for anything they are interested in? Or, you could step outside of the box and check out what is trending lately? To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is one of those movies that gives you an understanding of how high school may be, which is pretty interesting within itself on how some may portray high school. The Flash, on the other hand, is a family friendly show that may teach you a thing or two in every episode,  which pulls you into the show emotionally.

Lara Jean had learned a big lesson throughout the movie, love is not easy nor is it easy finding it in the first place. Nonetheless, you have to allow yourself to fall to begin with. If you are looking for a high school soap opera to distract you from what is actually going on in your everyday life, then To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is the movie for you! Misfortune in the love department is the norm for the female lead character, Lara Jean Covey. She often just writes her feelings away in letters for no one to see but her. They serve as a faint memory from her past which she enjoys visiting time and time again. Eventually those letters were sent out and her world changes dramatically. Peter Kavinsky, the boy who swooped her off her feet after a short kiss during spin the bottle in seventh  grade, receives one, but he becomes the boy she has always wanted and deserved. At first, it was a facade since they used one another to get someone else’s attention, but eventually they fall in love with each other for who they were. Sophomore Saniyah Khan said, “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is one of the best romantic comedy movies that Netflix has ever made”.

 If you are not interested in romantic comedy, then there is a TV show series called The Flash, which is a mystery and action packed show. The Flash’s famous quote,  “Run. Barry. Run.” is used each time the main character faces an obstacle and brings out the drive in him to overcome it.  Barry Allen is a man that had been struck by lightning the night the particle accelerator exploded. The particle accelerator is a gadget that was supposed to take science to the next-level; or so they thought. Barry gains super speed and takes it upon himself to protect Central City while juggling the job of being a CSI agent for CCPD. As he discovers  his new found power, Harrison Wells, the creator of the particle accelerator, guides him along with his staff of Dr. Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon. Eventually, this team grows bigger by the inclusion of Allen’s family who had taken him in as a young boy. This was due to the fact that his mother had been murdered and his father accused and put in prison. Along the way, Allen falls in love with a childhood friend, Iris West, and eventually marries her. Things tend to get challenging, but Barry does not let that stop him! “I enjoyed The Flash because it references events from the comics to the show. Also, because the Flash is an iconic superhero,” said freshman Angel Anthony.