Creative Cats: Lily Gaddis


G. Copeland

Proudly starring as Mrs. Brill in the hit musical, Mary Poppins, Lily smiles for the camera. She strives for perfection with every role she receives, so get ready to be wowed by upcoming shows featuring this star performer!

Jenna Griffin, Staff Reporter

 You may remember her as Anne of Green Gables in The Station Master, or maybe you caught her playing Mrs. Brill in Mary Poppins last spring. Senior Lily Gaddis has earned herself the titles “mom friend” and “classic art student,” both of which she loves to be! Striving everyday to be better than the day before, you can see Lily wowing the crowd and giving her all through her devotion to the arts, all on top of IB work, not to mention her killer impression of Kevin Malone from The Office, what she considers her greatest feat!

 Lily said that her favorite role that she has played was Uncle Fester in The Addams Family. The cast was small, allowing her to create long-lasting, solid friendships with others in the show. She adored the character of Uncle Fester, the bald, crazy uncle who has quite an electric personality. As she recalls, she “had a fantastic time learning the ukulele and confessing my love for the moon.”

 Lily has found it incredibly difficult to manage her time between academics and extracurriculars. After a long day of school, her extracurricular commitments require her undivided time and attention. She participates in theatre, dance, and voice, sometimes not getting home before nine-thirty. Between managing these activities, all while keeping her grades up, maintaining a good amount of sleep, and-finding time to relax and enjoy herself, her schedule is packed!

 While the highlight of my experience in the theatre program was likely my performance in The Addams Family, the most influential event for me is actually not getting into the musical my freshman year. While I was completely devastated at the time, I now realize how important that failure was. If I am going to have a career in theatre, I am going to experience this defeat and disappointment often, and it is important for me to accept these failures, learn from them, and overcome them,” Lily said, reflecting on how the road bumps she has faced in the past have empowered her to become a much better performer. With all of her experience so far in the Millbrook Theatre Department, as well as her time spent in the dance studio and taking voice lessons, Lily plans to continue to study theatre, preferably with a concentration in musical theatre, after she graduates.

 Lily’s most recent appearance was in Blithe Spirit, the fall play, playing the role of Ruth. While Lily’s four years at Millbrook are coming to an end, she knows she will remember her days in the theatre program, and keeps this motto in mind: “Today was a difficult day, tomorrow will be better.”