Falling into the Winter Holidays

Airing currently on Netflix are two movies that put the ‘merry’ in Merry Christmas! These family friendly movies will bring up the Christmas spirit at home.


Airing currently on Netflix are two movies that put the ‘merry’ in Merry Christmas! These family friendly movies will bring up the Christmas spirit at home.

It can be difficult to find family-friendly movies on Netflix that the whole family can enjoy. Either they are too violent, inappropriate, or requires parental guidance. So here are some that may interest both adolescents and adults!

 A Christmas Prince is a heartfelt movie based on a female reporter and a well-known bachelor Prince. In the movie, Amber Moore goes to Aldovia to get a scoop on the Royal Family. When her plans are ruined, she decides to enter the palace and snoop around. Unfortunately, she gets caught but is mistaken for Martha Anderson, the new American tutor for Princess Emilia. Further into the movie, the protagonist discovers that Emilia knows her secret. In exchange for her silence, she makes a deal with the reporter to shed light on the lies of her older brother, Prince Richard, who is not the male bachelor the media makes him out to be.  Later on in the movie, Amber and Richard form a strong bond after all the time they spend together. Amber soon discovers the Royal Family has a big secret. The secret is then taken into the hands of the antagonists both Lady Sophia and Count Simon, who both are looking to gain power and steal the kingdom right from them. But the matter is then put into the hands of Amber who must find the answer to stop their plans before it is too late. In the end, Amber goes back to her hometown but shockingly on New Year’s Day, Prince Richard decides to surprise Amber.

 Another holiday movie to enjoy with loved ones would be The Holiday Calendar. In the movie, the main character, Abby, is a photographer who does not love the traditional holiday photos she is paid to take. The homecoming of her best friend, Josh, who was backpacking through many parts of the world, allows them to grow and bond more together. Upon attending her family’s Christmas party with him, she receives an Ordain clock from her grandfather. As the days pass, each box on the clock opens one at a time, hinting what will happen that day that relates to the toy inside. But depending on the toys, they tend to lead her straight to a man named Ty who is a well known single doctor that has a daughter. As the story develops, Josh continuously shows signs that he is in love with Abby, but she did not realize until it was too late. Each time she speaks of Ty, Josh becomes jealous but stays quiet letting her be happy. Later down the road, Abby breaks up with Ty after a series of dates. Eventually things between Abby and Josh get rocky and their friendship slowly crumbles. Soon enough Abby realizes the man she is in love with is Josh, the one who has always had her back. In the end, Abby and Josh did not let anything get between them thus making them closer and happier than before.

 Holidays are the time of the year when families and friends come together and enjoy quality time with one another. Many enjoy the customs and traditions they have spending time with family members on Christmas. “It is a wonderful and the most exciting time of the year,” said sophomore Vicki Brent.