Finding the truth about Millbrook’s paranormal activity


Ethan S.

Waiting for equipment to be set up, Millbrook’s Fright Club poses with the North Carolina Paranormal Society to take part in a paranormal investigation. During the investigation, students had the opportunity to see what professional ghost hunters do for a living.

Tia Hunt, Staff Reporter

Ghosts at Millbrook? It is more likely than you think. Millbrook’s Fright Club recently ventured on a paranormal investigation to find out the truth of whether or not we host ghosts in our school. They paired with the North Carolina Paranormal Society on the night of March 2 at 8:30 pm to start the evaluation. Although the Fright Club typically sticks to watching scary movies, the opportunity to participate in a ghost hunt was something that could not be turned down. Millbrook’s unique history has been blamed for the possibility of ghosts roaming the school.

 In the 1970’s a Millbrook student died on the way home from a theatre cast party. These parties typically take place directly after the final night of plays and musicals. The student was highly involved in Millbrook’s theatre program which is said to be the reasoning for his haunting of the school. The current administrative offices, including Principal Dana King’s office, are in the same location as the former theatre. Because of this, the auditorium and offices were investigated, as well as the gym. With this information, the North Carolina Paranormal Society brought gear including cameras with night vision, audio recorders, and digital thermometers, that detect temperature. Students had the opportunity to observe the use of this technology and learn how to operate some of it.

 During the investigation, all of the the school’s lights were turned off and replaced with small flashlights that were only used when needed. Students split up with two groups, each with a few members of the Paranormal Society to guide them. This allowed everyone to visit all parts of the school because groups rotated after around an hour. The auditorium was a hot spot, and while the gym and offices still had activity, they could not compare to the amount of activity in the the the auditorium.

 While in the auditorium, students witnessed shadows across the back wall, large temperature changes, and small pops and cracks that could be heard if you listened closely. The offices showed less evidence of a ghost manifestation. However, in the gym, there seemed to be a presence lurking around the corners as the ghost hunters stood in the middle of the gym. Sophomore Paula Elizondo said, “It was crazy how something so abnormal like a paranormal investigation can happen at our school, and it was really cool how we could see it all happen.” The video recordings have not come back to show definite results, but you can join Fright Club to see any evidence found.