The Real Deal: Is our President hiding information about time travel?


Looking off into the distance, President Trump is pictured with Vice President Mike Pence. Both men are included in a conspiracy theory that involves time travel, two late nineteenth-century books, the death of Nicola Tesla, and more!

Margaux Hunter, Editorials Editor

  On July 31, 2017, Newsweek published an article linking President Donald Trump to a series of late 19th century books. There are many inexplicable links between the president and his family to these eerie books involving Trump’s uncle (John Trump), Trump’s son (Barron), and the mysterious events surrounding Nikola Tesla’s death.

  Written in 1893, the first book, Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey, is about a young boy named Baron Trump, who discovers a portal and learns how to time travel. Donald Trump’s son is named Barron, and the two look strikingly similar. In addition to this, Baron had a mentor called Don; the parallels are obvious here. The book takes place in Russia, who the President allegedly colluded with in order to tip the scales of the 2016 election in his favor.

  Three years later, the same author wrote another book called The Last President, which is about a very wealthy man who lived on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Donald Trump’s famous Trump Tower is located on the same Fifth Avenue in New York, and sits at the same address that is cited in the book. Coincidence? The book also describes the elected president as an unpopular outsider candidate. It is no secret that Trump was an outsider; originally a businessman, then a politician, who was and is loved by his supporters and hated by his opposers, which does not leave a lot of room for a middle ground. Also mentioned in this book, after the inauguration of the president, he began choosing his cabinet. To be his Secretary of Agriculture, the president chose a man named Lafe Pence, a name shared by President Trump’s Vice President, Mike Pence.

  Much later, in 1943, the renowned scientist Nikola Tesla died. Before his death, he claimed to have built a time machine and discovered how to travel into the past as well as into the future. The Alien Property Custodian office in Washington, D.C. employed a scientist named John G. Trump to review and analyze Tesla’s notes. John G. Trump was Donald Trump’s uncle, so was it possible that the elder Trump shared the information about time travel with his nephew? This would explain the similarities between Donald Trump’s son and Baron Trump from the first book, which took place in Russia, and the second book having so many parallels with Donald Trump himself.

  Despite these apparent similarities, they are not all as they seem. To begin with, the names Baron Trump and Don, his mentor, were not their actual names; they were titles. Don is a Spanish title meaning mister or sir and Baron is a ranking of nobility. It was said that Nikola Tesla slowly became delusional in the months before his death, and if he had designed revolutionary technology allowing us to time travel, the government would know by now. Moreover, why would John Trump keep that information from the government, but tell his young nephew? He would not. Junior Sydney Nock said that the theory “reminded me of the Simpsons and their many lucky guesses as to what happens in the future. It is so crazy that so many of Trump’s actions and his life have been guessed. But that’s all they are, guesses. It’s all based on luck and seemingly perfect timing.” Like Sydney said, there is no hard evidence, merely speculation here. So we can rest assured that, while President Trump may be many things, he is not a time traveler. That is the Real Deal.