Looking back at a universal classic: Star Wars



Standing side by side these two droids known as C-3po and R2-D2 are staples of the Star Wars franchise. These characters along with a plethora of others from the Star Wars universe transcend the screen and are household names.

Jonah Manuel, Staff Reporter

 After forty-two years since its initial release, the intergalactic juggernaut that is Star Wars still remains an all-time classic and icon in pop culture. Because of its famous quote “May the force be with you,” the date May fourth has become almost akin to a holiday for the fans of the franchise. Today people everywhere look back on the history of Star Wars and what made it a staple of the American cinema. George Lucas, the creator of the franchise, began the legacy of this epic space opera with release of  Star Wars IV: New Hope on May 25, 1977. With strong start, Star Wars blasted Jaws out of the water becoming the highest grossing film for the time with an estimated 775 million in the box office.

 This monumental success from just the first movie made Star Wars the staple of the Sci-Fi genre to this day. Star Wars remains in the spotlight with the plethora of spinoff stories in the form of: novels, comics, television programs, and spin off movies. As of 2012, the franchise, along with Lucasfilm, has shifted to Disney by a contract of $4.05 billion, bringing Star Wars in the hands of new directors and story writers. This change has lead to some skepticism from the fans, but Star Wars still manages to go at light speed with its instalments and merchandise with no clear slowdown in sight. Senior and IB Film student Michael Nichols said, “Star Wars has been a defining aspect of multiple generations. Stories about family, love, and classic tales of good and evil are all encompassed in its films, comics, TV shows, and other related mediums. The cinematography, color palette, visual effects and general vision brought to the films continue to ‘wow’ audiences from all ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. While many of the more recent films have proven to be controversial in nature, it can be safely assumed that these films and media have and will continue to captivate men and women for years to come.” This quote encompasses the idea of why the franchise is so well loved by so many people. It appeals to all ages and has proven to stand the test of time and will continue to grow for years to come.