Uber and Lyft drivers prepare to strike for 24 hours



Waiting for a new customer, this taxi driver takes a break from working. Taxis are a great alternative for those participating in the Uber and Lyft strikes.

Tia Hunt, Staff Reporter

 All across the United States, Europe, South America, and Australia, Uber and Lyft drivers strike to demand better working conditions. Their demands include a new minimum wage, insurance, and pay for expenses including car maintenance and gas. Drivers are hopeful for all their demands to be met, but they are mainly focusing on getting a higher minimum wage. Some drivers make less than seven dollars an hour because Uber and Lyft both identify their workers as self employed or independent contractors. However, this identity does not correctly describe workers because many use this service as a career. Many drivers have to work around seventy to eighty hours to make ends meet. Because of the unpredictable hours, it can be hard for drivers to maintain another job. New York City has already passed regulations to ensure drivers obtain a liveable wage, but many New York City drivers plan to participate in the strike to help workers in other cities. Strikes will occur in major cities including Atlanta, San Diego, Washington, D.C., Boston, Los Angeles, and many more. Drivers will turn off their services for a full twenty-four hours. They encourage customers to participate in the strike as well by finding other means of transportation for these twenty-four hours or, better yet until driver’s demands are met. Some transportation options other than Lyfts and Ubers include taxis, buses, subways,  walking, and finding rides with friends. If people are unable to boycott, drivers urge customers to email the company in support.

 In response to these protests, Uber has offered free credits for every ride taken on Wednesday. Lyft has offered a ten dollar free ride credit. Both companies have also been sending emails to customers including coupons. Neither company has formally stated a response to these boycotts, but Lyft has released new app updates to benefit drivers.