Cryptid Corner: The serpentine sea creature of Loch Ness


Mystifying the world for years, the beautiful Loch Ness has a infamous reputation for harboring a monster within its depths. Though many believe Nessie to be a hoax, there has yet to be a stunt in the growth of the legend of The Loch Ness Monster.

Jonah Manuel, Staff Reporter

 Greetings, and welcome to the Cryptid Corner: your complete guide to the strange and unknown where the truth unravels before your very eyes.

 Today the truth of one of the most well known Cryptids will be unmasked, though not the only creeping creature of the deep, The Loch Ness Monster has managed to catch the world by storm. This skulking beast has been seen countless times from as early as 565 AD to as recent as 2018. The elusive creature is said to dwell in the mighty Loch Ness of Scotland, a massive lake that spans over 23 miles, plenty big enough to house a monster of Nessie’s descriptions. Though being document well before, the modern day interest sparked with George Spicer’s sighting in July 22, 1933. Spicer and his wife were face to face with what they described to be an extraordinary animal crossing the road. They described it as a large bodied creature, with a long wavy, narrow neck that was just barely thicker than an elephant’s trunk and it was long enough to dwarf the road in comparison. They saw no limbs on the serpent like beast as the creature waltzed on its way leaving crushed foliage in its wake. Since then, the monster of the Loch became a well known and frequently sighted beast over the years and has been a main cause of research and observation of this massive body of water. However, the most iconic and well known recording of this mysterious monster was in 1934 with “The Surgeon’s Photograph.” Many have seen this photo and know it to be The Loch Ness Monster; however this picture has been confirmed as a fake years after its original publication. But, this proves just that the image itself was fake, but there are still many avide believers and hopeful thinkers out there. Junior Shannon Casey had this to say: “I want to believe it can be real, but to be honest, I don’t think it is, which is super disappointing cause Nessie would be an awesome attraction.” This quote shows another reason for the constant hunt for Nessie, the desire for it to be real. Many people still hunt for this monster, and in fact, there are results of  a DNA test of the Loch to be completed this year. Nessie has pledged the fields of cryptozoology for many years now and seems to still remain an elusive sea serpent of the freshwater Loch for years to come. So beware reader; this is only one beast that scourers the land. Many more hide in plain sight. But do not fret, for I will guide you through the strange happenings of this world. Until we meet again, stay alert and stay aware for that nothing may be something.