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Grayson McClendon, Sports and Social Media Editor

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Each of these MHS students has a parent who works here at the school. Some students would hate constantly being under the watchful eye of a parent; however, these Wildcats find it to be a positive experience.

Myles Baron: Myles Baron is a junior this year, and his dad, Mr. Baron, is the International Baccalaureate coordinator. “I like having my dad work at Millbrook. I feel like most people wouldn’t like having a parent work at their school because it seems like they’d always be checking up on you. However, I don’t even see my dad at school everyday, and when I do interact with him, it’s really easy to see him more as a faculty member than my dad, so it’s not all that different. One perk is getting a ride to school! Sadly I still don’t have my license so I can’t drive myself, but having him as a ride to school every morning is super convenient. Going along with that, if there were a change of plans or something unexpected happened at school, it’s really convenient to have someone like dad that I can contact that’s on campus.  Also, it’s really easy to get along with my teachers since they all know my dad. I get to know some of the staff as people as well as teachers, and it’s really nice. One thing that annoys me is how he is able to check my grades whenever he wants to.  However annoying it can be, it still offers positives though. It motivates me to keep up with my work because I don’t like when I haven’t turned in work or something and he sees that. Also, just the fact that all of my teachers are in constant contact with him. If I don’t turn in work for classes or if I’m struggling, they can easily tell him that.  But again, this keeps me motivated to keep up with work to the best of my abilities so that doesn’t happen. I would say yes, he influenced my decision to do IB. He wasn’t going to make me do it, in fact my sister didn’t do IB, but he thought it was what was best for me. Although I probably would’ve done it whether he was working here or not, I think I would’ve been more likely to pass up on it if he wasn’t.”

Delfina Ortega-Mackenzie: Delfina is a junior this year, and her dad, Mr. Ortega, teaches upper level Spanish classes. “Most people ask me this question so much and most think that it’s awful and awkward to have a parent working at your school, but my dad and I are super close and get along so I mostly like it. When I started at Millbrook, my dad was currently teaching the level of Spanish I had taken in middle school, so I didn’t end up ever having him as a teacher. Some of the perks of having him at Millbrook is being able to go to him whenever I need anything, like if I forgot to sign a form or something like that, and other perks are being able to have him so close by if I simply want to go talk to him about something.”

Grace Cox: Grace is a senior this year, and her dad, Mr. Cox, teaches CTE classes. “I like having my dad close to me in case of an emergency, and I need to go home. Having my dad work at school helps me build relationships with teachers and coaches. There’s times where I wish I had some more ‘freedom’ and not have that close eye on me, but I like being at the same school as him for the most part. He’s there when I need things like lunch, or if I don’t feel good and need to go home. I never have to worry about not having a ride to school. It’s easier to make relationships with the staff because they already know him. There’s always an ‘expectation’ that I have to live up to, meaning I can’t really do anything wrong. There’s always a watchful eye, whether it’s him or the staff. If I do something wrong, my dad instantly knows. The last thing is my teachers always go to him first and not me when there’s a problem which annoys me.

Haley Yopp: Haley is a sophomore this year, and her mom, Mrs. Yopp, teaches Math 1 and Pre-Calculus. “I enjoy my mom working at Millbrook. I know most of the teachers she is friends with, which could possibly be one of my future teachers. She is always available to help me in the subjects that I take and that she also teaches. Perks of her working at Millbrook is that I know a lot of people- teachers and students. I have to be at school at 6:55 and stay after school late until she is done with her meetings because I do not have a parking spot. I always have eyes on me no matter where I am.”

Brianna Flowers: Brianna is a junior this year, and her dad, Mr. Flowers, is an Assistant Principal. “Having my dad working at the school, there are some things I like and things I dislike too. For example, I like that I meet a lot of really nice people, and my dad can kind of point me to the people that would be beneficial for me. But I don’t like the long hours he works, and I have to stay after school with him. For me I like my dad working at my school; it keeps me on my A game and helps me stay out of trouble and focus better, plus everyone loves him which makes it not so bad. Some perks I have is that I get into the games free, all the staff knows me, and they are really nice to me. When I need something from him, he’s right there. His hours are definitely annoying. It seems like he is always in a meeting or something. And because my dad is well known and everyone loves him, it’s annoying how he stops and talks to everyone when I am on a mission.”

Morgan Alexander: Morgan is a senior this year, and her dad, Mr. Alexander, teaches Special Education classes. “I like having my dad work at the school because it makes me feel super safe especially when there are random drills and stuff I don’t know about because my nerves are kind of bad. I like having someone who knows how the school works and why things happen because the perspectives are different. However, that also does cause some disagreements because it’s hard for teachers to understand where students come from sometimes because we are from a completely different generation. I haven’t officially had him as a teacher, but anything my sister and I don’t understand about our homework, he is always the one we can call. It’s easier when he explains it because he’s been teaching for so long, so a lot of the concepts we struggle with he can explain them differently. A perk is that I am never late for class and that I get special perks and discounts because I use his teacher discount. Also I’m always the first one administration call when they need help for cool stuff with students or pictures. Also I get to do cool interviews like this! I hate when he screams my name down the hallway when he sees me. It’s so annoying sometimes, but I wouldn’t have wanted to have it any other way. Also the 6:30 meetings he has in the morning are atrocious especially when I don’t want to get up in the mornings.”

Haley Franklin: Haley is a freshman this year, and her step-mom, Ms. Franklin, teaches Special Education classes. “I really like her working at Millbrook because I know if something happens, like I get sick, she’s here. I have her classroom to go to during lunch since I don’t like going to the cafeteria. Or when she has fourth period planning sometimes we get to leave school early. This doesn’t really annoy me as much as it scares me, but she’s friends with my French teacher. That’s scary because I’m terrible at French.”

Taylor Jones: Taylor is a junior this year, and her mom, Mrs. Jones, teaches Math 3 and Pre-Calculus. “I love having my mom working at Millbrook! It’s super cool to always know that if I need her for anything she’s just a classroom away. I had her my sophomore year when she taught me Honors Math III and Pre-Calc. I have to say it was a bit weird in the beginning, but I got used to it and began to enjoy it. She treated me like any other student, and it was super cool. I like knowing that if anything were to happen and if I needed her that she wasn’t too far. Also, I like eating lunch with her when I have to get work done or just because I’m lazy and don’t feel like walking all the way out to the junior lot to go off. It’s also nice having her work here because she knows just about everyone I know, so it’s easy to talk about school or student government. I wouldn’t call this an annoying aspect, but her working here sort of makes me have to be a good student and follow every rule and such. Not that I am a delinquent or anything, it’s just the pressure to have to do good in all my classes and make more good grades than bad, and not slack off, because my teachers are all her co-workers. I guess the pressure comes from every parent towards their student, but it’s just a tad different.”

Will Saby: Will Saby is a junior this year, and his dad, Coach Saby, coaches Wrestling, Softball, and teaches Physical Education classes. “I enjoy being able to have my dad be here at school in case I need him for anything, and being able to have a parent there to help me at school at all times. I have my dad as my teacher for Lifetime Sports this year, and I had him as my wrestling coach for the past 3 years. He’s not different to me as coach or teacher as he is a dad. There’s not many perks from having your parent at school other than wanting to stay more out of trouble since you know they’ll hear about it.”

Janie Inscore: Janie is a sophomore this year, and her dad, Coach Inscore, is Head Football Coach and teaches Physical Education classes. “It’s definitely different to have your dad work at Millbrook because he has eyes everywhere, but it’s also comforting for me to know that he is there if I would ever need him! One of the coolest perks for me is that because my dad has worked here for so long and has made so many friendships, I was able to form relationships with teachers and coaches over the years before ever becoming a Millbrook student. The most annoying thing for me is that my dad knows and hears things before I do sometimes.

Addison Belcher: Addison is a freshman this year, and her mom, Mrs. Belcher is the head of the Special Education department. “I love my mom working at Millbrook. It brings a smile to my face every time I see her. I love that if I am having a bad day or just needs someone to talk to, she is always there for me or to help me. There are many perks of having my mother work at Millbrook. If I am not feeling good or need some food, I can come to her office and she will get it for me. There was this one time where I forgot a test at home. Luckily I had a picture of it on my phone, so I made it into a google doc and sent it to my mother to print, so I got a good grade on it. I also get to put things in her office, so I don’t have to carry it around all day, for example my softball bag. On B days I get to eat with her which is so much fun. I get to spend more time with her and help her out if she needs help. Most people here know me, and I always have someone to help me if my mother isn’t there or just is busy. Lastly, if practice ever gets cancelled or a game/meet gets cancelled, I don’t have to wait for her to come get me. I can just walk in and just hang out in her office. I like knowing that she is always there for me if anything goes wrong or if I need somewhere to hang I can just come to her office. Something that does annoy me is everyone knows me, so I can’t really do anything without someone saying something. One time I was going to the library during lunch and a teacher goes, “You aren’t skipping are you?” Which obviously I wasn’t, but they see me and they always ask. If I was any other student, they really wouldn’t care. I am a three sport athlete, and all of my coaches really know my mom, and sometimes I’m afraid if I do bad at practice or something they will tell my mom. It doesn’t really bother me because everyone does bad, but I just always wonder if they say things to my mom.”

Christian Bartney: Christian is a freshman this year, and his mom, Mrs. Bartney, teaches Chemistry. “An advantage of having my mom work here is that I can get her to help me with anything that I am struggling in class right away. I can get things printed out right away too. I can also get hot food everyday, and sometimes she brings me Chick-Fil-A. Some dislikes are that I have to wake up super early in the morning, and my teachers like to call her to mess with me.”