Campus Clubs: Gaming Club union


Jonah Manuel

Watching intently as a match goes on, The Video Game Club is deep in the middle of an intense tournament. Though not a frequent activity, the Video Game Club holds these events as a fun way to get their name out and to get new people to visit the club.

Jonah Manuel, Staff Reporter

 Millbrook is home to many clubs, but one that has a fun environment for both tabletop lovers and dedicated gamers is the Tabletop and Video Game Club. Since it is hard to just choose one, the leaders of both clubs have made a decision to semi-join the two clubs resulting in a fun environment for anybody to enjoy. The two still have their original advisers, Mr. Patterson of the Video Game Club, and Ms. Twomey of the Tabletop Gaming Club, but the two are now essentially treated as one large club. The two clubs allow an attendee to sit down and play both fun tabletop games or exciting video games or a mix.

 The clubs meet in the media center after school on Fridays; however, the video game portion of the combined club wraps up a little earlier than tabletop, at 3:30 rather than 4:00. Both clubs have seen changes over the years to get this point, and in fact, the Video Game Club this year is different from previous years. After Mr. Genesky left, Mr. Patterson took his place as the lead adviser for this school year and changed the club meetings from every other Tuesday to every Friday. The tabletop gaming club has seen just as much if not more change over the years as well. From changing its name from The Chess Club to The Tabletop Gaming Club, to changing its room multiple times, both clubs have seen tremendous growth over the past few years. These changes are what lead to eventual union of the two clubs allowing for more people to have more games to play and activities in which to participate. Both groups have their own presidents, much like their own advisers, allowing for more communication and planning to happen within their own groups. Sharing an inside view of the club, senior Lauren Burke said, “Tabletop Gaming Club is not only fun but is also a great place to make friends and find your niche. The club is very inviting and nonjudgmental which is a bonus. The club has helped me expand my friend group and meet new people, and I think merging it with the Video Game Club could be cool.” So as the school year draws to a close, keep this club in mind as a great opportunity when we return to school in August.