Making Millbrook a better place, one meal a day


D. Bargeman

Grinning widely, Holli Blackwell and her staff stand proudly in front of their 99.0 sanitation rating. They work hard to make certain that each student has received the best possible experience dining in the cafeteria.

 As one of the most underrepresented workers in America, it is easy for students at Millbrook to take their school lunch ladies for granted. Cafeteria workers serve breakfast and lunch to school children during the school year and sometimes in the summer when federal programs fund meals for kids in economically challenged families. It is a perfect job opportunity for people who want to interact with kids and teens, but perhaps do not have a desire to teach.

 Mother and Millbrook cafeteria worker, Holli Blackwell spends most of her days here at Millbrook. She was recommended by a friend and former Millbrook alumni to transfer here after her time as a server and hostess. As the cafeteria manager, Ms. Blackwell is tasked with ordering supplies to ensure nutritional standards are being upheld, doing tedious paperwork, and managing her group of hardworking women.

 When asked what it was she wished to see from students here at Millbrook, she responded curtly: “I just want everyone to be respectful and treat these hard-working ladies with the same respect they would want to see from their peers.” It was not shocking to learn that only a quarter of the population at this school eats school lunch, despite its many options which students take for granted. Ms. Blackwell spends her time choosing food items and guaranteeing there is a variety of options for breakfast and lunch. Despite her and her colleagues best efforts, very few partake in their freedom to choose, or even refuse to clean up after themselves on a regular. Whether it is the school principal or your friendly janitor, it is important to recognize their diligent work through the simplest acts like picking up after yourself— no matter their position.

 School cafeteria workers are just one of the many groups of people that contribute to a great education for children. They work alongside teachers, coaches, counselors, librarians, and other faculty members in order to help the teens here at Millbrook High School get the most out of their years here at school. It is important that as students, we do our part in making sure they get the recognition they deserve as servers.