Britt Mobley’s impact on Millbrook


Millbrook Band Boosters

Standing on the sidelines, Britt drums with the Millbrook Marching band. Watch out for him next year as he continues to wow the crowd!

Jenna Griffin, Staff Reporter

In such a large school, being a standout student can be hard. For junior Britt Mobley, a man of many talents, a natural interest in the arts has been with him since day one. The Millbrook arts program has given him a place to flourish and explore his creativity while meeting some of his best friends. Watch out for him as he continues to crush his AP classes, club involvement, and dedication to music!

 Being a student as involved as Britt is quite challenging considering the amount of time he dedicates to activities in and out of school. When he is not volunteering his time at Millbrook, he plays in his youth band and volunteers in the children’s ministry at his church. In school, the list of activities is endless! He is heavily involved in the Millbrook band and is passionate about all types of music. Britt is in the marching, pep, and jazz bands here at Millbrook, as well as participating in wind ensemble, winter percussion, and the pit orchestra for the musicals. Apart from the arts, he is working hard with MEB and the Digital Media Career Academy to help promote school events.  As if he does not have an outstanding resume already, Britt is also the Millbrook representative to the Superintendent, on the Media and Technology Advisory Committee, a member of the National Achievers Society, and an officer of Music Honor Society. His life can get very busy, to say the least!

 Without the support of his family, Britt would not be able to be the  person or student he is. “My parents and grandparents are super supportive and enthusiastic about my passion for music because they grew up in a musical environment as well,” Britt said. Not only has his family had a huge influence on him, but he also said that two teachers really stand out to him for helping him to shape into the amazing musician he is. The former band director, Thomas Jenner, as well as the DMCA coordinator, April Smith, have each empowered Britt to become a better leader and explore all aspects of music. Britt added that, “Mrs. Smith has become my ‘school mom’ in a sense.”

As a proud Wildcat and musician, Britt represents Millbrook with a smile on his face! He said, “The only advice that I would give someone is to be yourself and aspire to do something that you love to do. Music is a part of me, and I realized that I can be a music nerd and I do not have to go to the most prestigious colleges to fulfill my calling. I just have to use the skills given to me and run with them.” Although he has discovered his talents at a young age, he is still deciding on his plans following high school. As he enters his senior year, Britt will for sure continue his involvement in the arts program, as he thanks it for teaching him a form of expression and unification in school. The arts program has given Britt a home away from home, and he can always count music to give him a place to escape to!