The Wildcat Reading Society returns for another year of fun


Showcasing its Longlist’s National Book Award, this cover of The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is familiar to many high school students. This book was among many read last year by Wildcat Reading Society members.

Tia Hunt, Section Editor

  Are you looking for a way to start reading more or to meet other readers? Then the Wildcat Reading Society is a perfect fit. With meetings every Thursday morning at 7:00 am in the media center, this club is a great way for avid readers as well as those who do not enjoy reading to find new books. Millbrook’s Library Media Coordinators keep the club’s students up to date with the newest and most entertaining books. Whether these be young adult fiction or scary sci-fi, the books are always sure to be one of the members’ new favorites.

  Wildcat Reading Society meetings are a relaxing start for students’ busy days. During the meetings, favorite characters, plots, and parts of the book are typically discussed. While book discussions take up a majority of the meetings, some are used for deciding the upcoming months recommendations. Each month, a new genre of books is chosen, and students can choose any book on the list. This method helps give readers more individual choice as when compared to having a single book per month. Sophomore Ashley Novak said, “This club is a way for people to connect with others and learn more about literature! Reading isn’t just for school; it’s fun, and the club helps encourage that spirit. The community you develop is incredibly valuable.” Her favorite book from the club is The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. This popular novel tackles real-world issues and is just one example of some of the amazing books students have the opportunity to read. 

  Though the club only has two returning members, they are excited for all the fresh faces to come out and join the fun. Every meeting is a comfortable gathering for students, with breakfast provided, to not only discuss their books but to also simply socialize with each other. Senior Gabrielle Stein said, “People should join because it gives some structure to book lovers who love to read but are super busy with school, extracurriculars, work, etc. It also encourages people to explore new genres and get a load of new book recommendations.” October’s theme was thriller and paranormal horror, so be sure to come out to this week’s meeting to find out November’s!