Conspiracy Column: What really happened to Malaysia Airlines flight 370?


Taking off from the runway, this plane flies into the air with hopes of a smooth and safe ride to the next destination. Malaysian flight 370 disappeared at the beginning of 2014 and is still missing to this day, leaving families confused about what happened to their loved ones.

Taylor Jones, Editorials Editor

  On March 8, 2014, the Malaysia Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing disappeared with 239 people on board. Five years later, this plane remains missing after disappearing off of the radar, and theories continue to circle the media in regards to what happened. These theories refer to the disappearance as a hijack or a suicide attempt among other things. Keep reading to learn about these theories or maybe come up with your own!

  One of the first theories that surfaced was that the plane was deliberately flown into the ocean by pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shad. Through a very thorough investigation, Malaysian police found out that he had previously flown a similar suicide route on a simulator. They also concluded that he was deeply heartbroken, and for this reason, investigators concluded that Zaharie Ahmad Shad purposefully flew over 200 passengers into the ocean. Later on, this theory was deemed invalid as new ones were developed to try and find an explanation for the baffling disappearance of Malayasia flight 370 that left thousands of people in the dark about what really happened to their family and friends.  

  Conspiracy theorists proceeded to make conclusions about what happened on March 8, 2014, in regards to flight 370; this one being highly plausible and the most dominant among them all. In a survey conducted by The Australian, investigators explained how pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shad locked the co-pilot out of the cockpit. He then proceeded to kill all of the members and attendants on board by depressurizing the plane; then he repressurized it to get it to fly into the Indian Ocean. According to senior Callahan Spessard, the events of Malaysia flight 370 are tragic; she states, “I feel really bad for all of the families that are still wondering what happened to their loved ones. As a club volleyball player, we fly all the time for tournaments, and I could not imagine anything even close to this event happening to me.”

  Following the disappearance, former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad had speculation that the United States was involved in the disappearance. He viewed the incident as suspicious, and he believed that America was hiding something. This allowed for the formation of another theory by a past French airline pilot that the United States shot down the plane because of the possibility that it was hijacked and would be used as a terrorist attack attempt on American soil. 

  After reading all of these theories, you may be thinking that there are so many possibilities for the ongoing investigation of flight 370. You would be right. There is a lot of speculation that still circles the news today as the plane is still yet to be discovered by authorities. This conspiracy involved a devastating tragedy that still affects many people today. Families, along with activists, still have hope that answers will be found regarding their loved ones.