Spectacular Students: Parker Swisher


E. Moesta

Flexing for a picture, senior Parker Swisher shows his excitement for the basketball season. Parker also contributes to many clubs and activities here at Millbrook.

Gabrielle Phillips, Staff Reporter

  Many students would find it hard to balance IB, being a student athlete, and maintaining a job. Not many can say that they can handle all of this, but for Parker Swisher, this is his everyday life. Peers and teachers describe Parker as being responsible, respectful, compassionate, and hard-working. One of his closest friends, senior Tristan Gentile, said, “Parker is a hard working individual who sets goals and achieves them through his determination and drive.”

  Parker has been involved at Millbrook since his freshman year, being in student government in ninth and tenth grade. Parker was then selected to be a part of Millbrook’s Executive Board junior year. MEB plans and coordinates almost all of the events that go on at Millbrook. After junior year, he decided to be a part of student government again for his senior year. Parker said his favorite part about student government is that “I get to serve the school and enhance certain aspects of both student life at school and student social life.” Being a part of both MEB and student government creates leadership skills that are much needed in everyday life. Not many people are willing to run for a position in student government/leadership at Millbrook, but Parker accepted this challenge. 

  Parker is also involved in Millbrook Varsity Basketball team and has been a part of the Millbrook basketball program for all four years. Parker has created many friendships, both with his fellow teammates and people off of the team. By being on such a great team, Parker has been able to share his successes with his teammates and participate in memorable experiences. After high school, Parker has hopes of playing the sport in college and has already gotten an offer from Hampden-Sydney College to play basketball. Parker attributes much of his success to Coach Davis, who has helped him to reach many of his goals and get where he needs to be. By having a relationship for the four years he has been on the team, his coach has impacted him the most. 

  Even though Parker is very talented at his sport, he is also gifted academically as well. Taking on the International Baccalaureate program can be a lot to handle, as there are not many people who choose to partake in the program. Parker has been able to maintain a 4.5 grade point average throughout his high school career and also been on the academic honor roll. This is a huge accomplishment, considering the academic rigor that Millbrook has to offer. 

  Outside of Millbrook, Parker is very involved with his youth group and Young Life. He has also gone on mission trips to Philadelphia and Boston so far and plans to go to many more places. In Boston, Parker was able to work at a child care center, helping children in need. In Philadelphia, he provided homeless people aid and gave services to different organizations throughout the city. Parker said that these mission trips left him with a sense of open-mindedness. He came to the realization that he is very blessed with what he has and that he should use his advantages to provide aid for those in need of it.  

  Parker is always supportive of those around him and of everything that goes on at Millbrook. He is an amazing role model for all Millbrook students. When Parker leaves, the things he will miss most about Millbrook are the relationships he has made with his teachers and peers. Parker said, “Millbrook has truly been a community for me that has provided good values, fun and long lasting memories.”